My selections are, like February, brief and loveable. Laurie’s Kitchen offers only three superb products, but each has its incredible merits.
The CDN EASY-VIEW ROUND MECHANICAL TIMER (MTR) has a modern look as well as an easy-view functionality. I love that the time is clearly displayed on the top as well as the side. Just turn the top to be set. With a diameter of only 2 ¼-inches, it counts down by minutes up to an hour and features a loud 3-second alarm.

The NEW BLACK CUBE STAINLESS NONSTICK COOKWARE FROM FREILING brings a new meaning to the word nonstick. The pans have a lifetime warranty and the ability to be used with metal utensils. The exclusive textured surface combines the longevity and browning capabilities of stainless steel cookware with the advantages of nonstick easy cleanup and lower fat cooking. The pans are 100% scratch resistant, are made of high quality PFOA free nonstick layer, are oven safe up to 450°F, are usable with induction heat, and are dishwasher safe. Currently the pans come in 8-inch, 9 ½-inch, and 11-inch fry pans and 12.5-inch wok size.

The FOLDABLE SILICONE SPLATTER GUARD from Kuhn Rikon protects your stove top and helps prevent splatters. This foldable design means you can easily flip open one side to stir or check on your hamburgers, steamed veggies, or other dishes. This handy device is made of nonstick, approved food-grade silicone, with sturdy, metal-reinforced rim and handles. The handles keep fingers away from heat, and they lock shut for secure, compact storage. The Foldable Splatter Guard also functions as a microwave cover. The guard doubles as a trivet as well and is oven-proof up to 450 degrees and dishwasher-safe

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