BEE’S WRAP is a reusable beeswax-and-cloth alternative to plastic wrap invented by a mother of three, Sarah Kaeck, who lives with her family on a working farm in northern Vermont.  With all our worries about the environmental and health issues of using plastic, this old fashioned but quite practical method of wrapping has turned into a wonderful ecological method for those of us who care about our habitat. Ms. Kaeck discovered an old-fashioned method of infusing cotton muslin with the natural preservatives beeswax and jojoba (a shrub whose seeds make an oil). A 3-piece starter set ($16 to $19.95) of varying sizes lets you wrap anything from a wedge of cheese to a baguette. Mold the stiff sheets around food with the warmth of your hands; the packet will quickly cool to hold a seal. Wash in cool, soapy water and dry to reuse.

KUHN RIKON CORN HOLDER SET contains 4 pairs of stacking corn holders.  The corkscrew tip holds the corn securely while the soft, textured handles make for a comfortable grip.  These nifty corn holders stack together conveniently and are dishwasher safe.

TOTAL TOMATO SET Is great for summertime.  The set includes a sharp Japanese silicone-based coated knife with a forked tip which is perfect for slicing and then lifting the tomato slices and removing the stems.  The knife has a safety sheath for easy storage.  The other piece of the set is a stainless steel peeler with an ergonomic handle designed for right or left hands.  The tomato peeler is serrated for easy peeling of tomatoes and other soft fruits such as peaches.

CUISINART CSS-33 MAGNETIC GRILLING SPICE SET is a fun set to use at your next barbecue.  I love that this three-piece spice set attaches to any magnetic surface so your spices are right at your fingertips.  The trio includes a shaker with a restricted opening, a rub container with a wider mouth, and a grinder.  There is a clear window so you can see the spices with a tight lid to keep out the moisture.

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