It’s time to think about Mother’s Day and what wonderful items your Mother’s and Grandmothers might like to have. Here are a few suggestions of new items on the market.

The CUISINART VERTICAL WAFFLE MAKER is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. This innovative kitchen appliance makes foolproof flawless Belgian waffles, eliminating messy burnt batter drips. The waffle iron stands upright in a closed position and neatly fills through a wide pour spout at the top. Just close the iron, choose from the five brown settings and wait for the “Ready to Bake” indicator. When it lights, use the included measuring scoop to fill the iron, cover the spout with the stainless steel lid, and wait for the light to tell you that the waffle is ready. An audible alert will let you know when your waffle is ready. Open and enjoy. The nonstick-coated plates release the waffles easily and wipe clean in a jiffy.

PREP SOLUTIONS BY PROGRESSIVE WHISK TONG is a great fun tool for the kitchen. The locking feature instantly turns these tongs into a whisk. The unique tong head is perfect for serving salad, cooked pasta, and more. The tongs are made of nylon and are heat resistant up to 400°F. The tongs are dishwasher safe and clean easily.

UMBRA SAVORE SALAD BOWL AND SERVER SETis a perfect Mother’s Day gift. This large deep ceramic bowl is fantastic for serving salad, accompanied by acacia wood tongs that neatly hang on its rim when not in use. The bowl was inspired by rustic tableware with a modern twist and smart functionality. The bowl is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

The EXPRESS WHISK allows one to mix ingredients in a flash with an ingenious up-and-down motion. The flexible tines on the whisk allow one to whisk in a narrow glass or the classic balloon whisk is perfect for beating egg whites or cream. You can use the express whisk as well for mixing smaller amounts of ingredients and sauces. I love that the Express Whisk stands upright, to avoid contact with your work surface.

The TRUDEAU STRAWBERRY HULLER is the perfect tool for this strawberry season. This wonderfully helpful kitchen toy removes the stem and core from strawberries and even tomatoes in a flash. This tool cores the stem and bitter core in one motion. Simply press the silicon bulb and eject and voila, strawberries ready to eat. I also like that the bulb is removable for easy dishwasher cleaning.

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