The weather is getting chilly and it’s time to start cooking stews. The IMUSA GLOBAL KITCHEN TAGINE POT is a great cooking and serving dish. The conical-shaped, vibrantly colored, tagine pot is ideal for long, slow cooking. Use it to make your favorite dishes with lamb, chicken, beef, and veggies. The Moroccan dish has a distinct shape that preserves the moisture and infuses the food with spices and flavors. The pot is 100% oven and stovetop safe, has an easy grip lid for safe handling, and has nonstick qualities, which make cooking even easier. Superstar chef Michelle Bernstein adds some tips and recipes in the accompanying booklet including lamb curry and chickpea stew.

PROGRESSIVE INTERNATIONAL HEADS-UP SPOONS, SPATULAS, AND TONGS are innovative new kitchen tools with a twist. The built-in tool head rest, raises the spoon off counters to eliminate messes. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? These clever kitchen staples like the heads-up no mess basting brush; heads-up no mess drain scoop; heads up no mess scoop; heads-up no mess slotted spoon; heads-up no mess spatula spoon; heads up no mess spoon; heads up no-mess tongs; and heads-up no mess turner are all designed to keep kitchen messes to a minimum.

The KUHN RIKON STANDING STAINLESS STEEL STRAINER is perfect for straining fruits, veggies, and pasta as well as sifting dry ingredients or even blanching vegetables. The reason this new strainer is so great, is that it has a built-in stand for hands-free use. It also features a wide rim and ergonomic handles that easily hook on bowls for stability. The mesh is fine which makes it fantastic for sifting flour and straining angel hair pasta.

The New ANGRY MAMA MICROWAVE CLEANER is a cleverly designed cleaning tool that blows steam from its top to easily clean and refresh the inside of a microwave oven. This 50’s retro-styled Mom is made of BPA-free plastic that tackles built-up crud and aromas lingering in microwave ovens. When placed inside a microwave oven for 5 minutes, Angry Mama does her job with a mixture of harmless clear white vinegar and water and fun!

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