Celebrity Chef James Avery is no stranger to healthy food.  He lives it; loves it; feeds it to his four children. He now cooks it for us to enjoy as his new venture, Farmly.
Unlike other restaurants that focus heavily on organic, extremist cuisines, Farmly focuses simply on healthy foods. Without GMO, without antibiotics, and largely without gluten.  The menu includes perfectly cooked antibiotic-free chicken, farm-raised (of course), and utterly delicious.  These are the flavors you remember from your childhood.
Farmly Food
In a way, Chef Avery has crafted a health-conscious version of Boston Market, with a wider range of proteins (including pork, beef, and chicken), with seasonal vegetarian options.  Customers enter the simply decorated eatery and walk out sated, feeling good and well-sated for the experience.
Farmly Roast Beef
Sourced to animal-friendly farms, the chicken comes from Shenandoah Valley Organics; the pork from Beeler Farms; and the beef from Silver Fern Farms. Each yields an amazing and tasty result in the hands of a talented chef like James Avery.  Even the side dishes are above the quality one might expect in a family-style restaurant, offering top-notch produce and outstanding preparation.  Simple things like cornbread are works of gastronomic art to be savored by the most discerning palate. In other words, your kids will love it! So will you.
Farmly Roast Chicken
The one thing about Farmly that should bring you in and keep you eating there is that you’ll never have a single concern about quality, freshness, or food safety. Using the best ingredients means you and your family will dine on the very best. Cooked simply, responsibly, and deliciously, every bite speaks to Chef Avery’s desire for real food that’s fresh to your table. If you like the idea of food with an address, properly sourced, carefully raised, cooked perfectly by masterful talent, then by all means, get to Farmly for a meal that’s memorable, where every dish is crafted with family in mind.

Personally, the Chicken Pot Pie was amazing, outstanding, delectable, and ideally prepared. The crust was light and flaky; the filling tasty and succulent. The side dishes were unique, flavorful, and ideally cooked. My guest enjoyed the pulled pork with cornbread, mashed potatoes and gravy. The meal was a pleasure for us both. We’re going back, often. Best of all, it’s affordable, and priced for family dining.
Chef James Avery and Son
Farmly can be found at Sea Girt Square, 2100 Rt. 35 North, Sea Girt, NJ 08750. Visit them online at eatfarmly.com/. Contact them at (732) 359-6936. You can order online.

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