Writer’s Guidelines

First, let us explain that these rules are meant to help you and us to make Epicurus.com a better, more professional website. We realize that you are an artist, but we also know that artists commonly work within the framework of a certain discipline or school of thought. You should also visit our Guidelines and Code of Ethics.

We respect your right to creativity and we are not attempting to stifle that in any way. However, just as a painter cannot submit a work to a gallery if it’s painted on a building or a boulder, we cannot use articles that don’t comply with our needs. It is our intent to work with you and hope that you will work with us. To these ends, we have installed software to make your job, and ours, much more effective, efficient and productive, while remaining easy to use and learn.

Our Pledge
It is our intent at all times to display your work in the best possible manner. We will always respect the quality of the work you submit and we’ve accepted. If at any time you are dissatisfied with something, please let us know immediately. We pledge further to work with you to develop a satisfactory reasonable design to fit your needs.

Submitting Your Work

  • You should first begin by familiarizing yourself with our Blog at www.epicurus.com/blog or this magazine section. Once familiar with our articles, the style and layout, and our manner of publishing, we can establish an account for successful candidates to write directly to the EGO blog or this magazine, with your full byline. We do not, however, recommend you publish your email address, for security purposes. All account information in your profile is subject to your own control.
  • Articles should be written in a typical word processing program such as Word but may be written directly into our publishing software.
  • Do not use pre-formatted bold, underscoring, changes in fonts, special symbols like degrees, fractions, bullets, highlighting, word art, etc. Simply copy and paste your basic article into our software and edit the format, using the tools provided to add such visual components as bold, underscore, italic or other text formatting. Doing this allows you complete control over how the content will look across platforms, though you must remember that the article will follow the site’s style sheet, so even if you were to add a text style change to some portions, the style sheet will take over and keep the overall site formatting.
  • Do not change your fonts. Again, the site’s style sheets will prevail in setting the basic format of text.
  • Please note that articles may be written in common word processing software. An import utility is available to paste from MS-Word into our site. If submitting copy from MS-Word, you are required to use that.
  • The length of your writing is not a major issue but we should be realistic. The Internet is not a print medium and you’re not writing the great American novel on a website. You should not expect that the reader will curl up with a monitor at night and read your piece before going to sleep. It is a medium of fast, brief site bites. Quick information is the name of the game, but we endorse quality, accurate writing. So, you should endeavor make the articles short, sweet and to the point in 1,000 words or less. There are times when a piece deserves to be longer and we’ll publish those too. If you plan a long work, write to us first so that we can properly determine whether it should be a serial piece or one big post. We may already have a long piece scheduled for that month and we might plan your work for the following week or month. In writing long pieces, it is important that YOU tell us how to break it up into multiple, logical pages. A series looks a lot better than a boring long piece and it provides you, as a writer, with a greater opportunity to capture and retain readership.
  • As mentioned earlier, your work is submitted directly online, provided you have a user ID and password to our publishing system. Once there, you may submit a post, schedule it, and save it as a draft. Once we see you’ve submitted a draft, we’ll read it, make any requisite editorial changes and submit it or decline it.
  • Photographs should be sent as jpg, gif or .png images and must be of the finest quality. The resolution should be 72 dpi. Your photos should be no wider than 610 pixels to properly fit within the framework of our pages. You upload them and can place the images precisely where you want them to be in the post.  Please don’t add a “caption”.  If you have one, please write us a note with that information and we will apply it for you.
  • The title of your article is again, your choice, however, it is subject to editorial approval.
  • The use of colorful language is limited. We endeavor to be a family-oriented site, and refrain completely from foul or suggestive language. However, we don’t have a problem with a colorful, innovative phrase here and there, even if the context is intended to be a bit off-color. Certain words, particularly racial, sexual or ethnic slurs are strictly forbidden and should we discover your attempt to submit such language, we shall permanently suspend your account and you will be terminated from our website.
  • Sound files are generally not acceptable. The quality and volume consistency of homemade sound files is terrible. Sounds are also dependent upon the viewer’s soundcard. What comes across perfectly on your system, may sound like garbled noise somewhere else. Even .mp3 files may sound bad. Recently, in an unrelated circumstance, a very melodious piano concerto was played on a computer with an excellent soundcard. Moved to another with a lesser card, it made one cringe, sounding more like chalk on a slate.
  • Videos may be embedded from YouTube or Vimeo using Old Embed Code only.  Please write us for details and we’ll be happy to provide them.
  • Sliders are also possible. If you have multiple images as part of your story, let us know and we will work with you to create a great looking slider that visitors can see to compliment your narrative.

Due Date
Articles and support materials like photos are due by the specified date. There are no exceptions to this. In recent times, some pieces have been put together at the last minute. This is very inconvenient and prohibits work needed for other issues in prep for the whole issue. The due date for each month is the 28th. It is published on the Calendar (URL above).

The text or photos you submit are your property. They are here only as a vehicle for the work. You have the right to reject the style in which the article is displayed and to demand it’s removal. You may sell the work elsewhere and request that it be promptly removed. Your requests, in writing (by email or in writing) will be honored.

Commercial Issues
First and foremost, Epicurus is a consulting company, and as such, we have clients for whom we provide services. Sometimes that includes public relations and marketing. When a writer submits a piece for publication, we first analyze it to determine if the writer has written about our client, their competitors or clients of our competitors. We evaluate, on a case-by-case basis, what the writer has said and what we may say in print. Some information that might be available to a writer, for example, may be subject to a confidentiality agreement we may have, or a writer could have suggested after writing about our client, that a competitor of theirs is superior. We will make necessary, and reasonable adjustments to such articles to keep us in compliance with contracts and agreements. Furthermore, we will not directly promote the services of our competitors in our websites. Without trying to be unreasonable, we might accept a review of a restaurant someone else worked on, but we wouldn’t permit “it is the brainchild of noted consultant John Doe”. Since John Doe is not one of our consultants, we cannot promote him. We would simply edit such reference out. We respect the fact that you, as a writer don’t know who is whom, or which properties are clients and which are not. We also don’t expect you have knowledge of our contracts, so it’s completely up to us to determine. We will, of course, inform you about such changes before the piece is published, wherever time permits.

In regards to writing about commercial products, though the same rules apply as above, we do encourage writers to include references to products and services. For example, in writing about a visit to New York, it’s reasonable to talk about airport shuttle services, limousines, florists and the like. We generally have little or no problem with such references, nor to books, movies (not adult in nature), theatrical performances, etc. Our only concern here is whether you’re accepting financial rewards for writing. Receiving samples is one thing, but being paid is another. Should we determine that a writer is accepting cash or payment for writing about a product or service, we shall terminate the writer immediately. No kidding.

Contacting Us
Your primary contact is and must remain the Editor in Chief. Presently, we are seeking a candidate for that role, so in the interim, contact our Publisher. It is the Editor’s responsibility to communicate any problems, concerns or difficulties to the Publisher, under normal circumstances.

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