Tablecloth: Shiny black fabric or Silver mylar covered with shredded foil or children’s stars, sparkle confetti
Napkins: Black
Dinnerware: Black, with crystal serving pieces/Crystal
Flatware: Silver
Centrepieces: goblets filled crystal marbles and white votive candles clocks bunches of red grapes dipped in wine and dusted with -powdered sugar

TROPICAL (for midwinter)
Tablecloth: Peach
Napkins: Peach
Dinnerware: White /or Green /or Blue
Flatware: gold
Centrepiece: potted ferns scatter shells or gold chocolate coins on tablecloth child’s bucket and pail

Tablecloth: brightly coloured drapery fabric
Dinnerware: Heavy beige ironstone/ Orange
Napkins: Orange/ bright blue with straw napkin rings
Flatware: gold
Centrepiece: rattan tray filled with rocks & tiny clay pots of cactus Bird of Paradise flowers

Tablecloth: Red & white strips or Red, covered with white eyelet
Dinnerware: Red or White can use pink serving pieces
Napkins: Red or White or Red & white striped
Flatware: Silver
Centrepiece: White cupids White dish filled with red cinnamon hearts or chocolate -hearts Heart shaped boxes scatter red construction hearts on tablecloth

This table can be used for Canada Day (without the hearts) with the addition of mini Canadian flags stuck in a vase for a centrepiece

For July 4th, Independence Day, Add blue in the tablecloth and or serving pieces add mini American flags, a blue bowl of strawberries sprinkled with powdered sugar

For either an old quilt (covered with protective plastic) can be used as a tablecloth

Pink or Yellow  or flowered bed sheet or Eyelet lace over pastel coloured tablecloth;
Pink  or Cream flowered print flowered handkerchiefs use Napkin rings with flowers;
Dinnerware: Pink or Green or Flower patterned;
Bowl or basket filled with jellybeans or dyed Easter eggs or foil covered eggs Bunny or goose figurines set in green “grass” vase or pitcher of Daffodils or Forsythia clay pots filled with flowering plants or herbs a woman’s straw hat, decorated with fresh flowers for Mother’s Day a box filled with old cards, white gloves, a string of pearls, set on a silk scarf brass candlesticks with pastel coloured tapers

Tablecloth & Napkins:
pale lavender or Pink;
Dinnerware: Purple or Black;
Violets or Pink roses in black vase

SUMMER 1 can also be used for wedding anniversary
Tablecloth or placemats:
Pale Blue or white lace;
White or White with Blue embroidery;
Dinnerware: Pure white /or crystal, can use cobalt blue serving pieces;
Flatware: Silver;
Centrepiece: Fish bowl filled with ice cubes, set on chrome tray or mirror Goblets/glasses filled with crystal marble & white votive candles Silver or crystal candlesticks with white tapers Crystal bowl filled with white roses (wedding anniversary) Crystal bowl filled with water & flower (ie. dahlia) floating Silver or crystal vase filled with lily of the valley.

Tablecloth: Green & white print/ or print with ferns/ or green tablecloth with white eyelet on top
Napkins: White
Dinnerware: Green / or white with green accents
Flatware: Silver
Centrepiece: dark green or white candlesticks with green or white tapers potted fern

Tablecloth: nautical fabric with sailboats, anchors etc
Napkins: White, folded into boats, placed at each place setting
Dinnerware: White/ Cobalt blue/ Red or a mixture
Flatware: Silver
Centrepiece: Child’s boat /or boat in a bottle

Tablecloth: Green and red gingham check /or washable plaid blanket
Napkins: Red or green
Dinnerware: Green
Flatware: Gold
Centrepiece: bowl filled with red apples pyramid of toy alphabet blocks

Tablecloth: Burgundy or Cream, Beige or Dark Green
Napkins: contrasting fall colour
Flatware: Gold
Dinnerware: Beige or Green or Amber
Centrepiece: Grapevine wreath with pine cones wired on it pile of apples on pine cone wreath, tied with gold ribbon bowl of seasonal fruit, vegetables or cranberries soup tureen filled with large bouquet of chrysanthemums in autumn colours brass candlesticks with tapers in autumn colours red tapers stuck in red apples duck decoy squash halves, scooped out and lightly oiled. Fill with marigolds or asters or nuts scatter brightly coloured pressed autumn leaves on tablecloth

Tablecloth: Orange or black or black & white check
Napkins: Orange or: black
Dinnerware: Black or Orange
Flatware: Gold
Centrepiece: Jack O’ Lantern pile of very small pumpkins (can use magic marker for faces) bowl of oranges, studded with cloves

Tablecloth: Red or Green or White
Napkins: Red or Green or White
Dinnerware: Orange or Black
Flatware: gold
Centrepiece: basket filled with small packages wrapped in red & green, with a ribbon leading to each guest’s place crystal bowl of Christmas balls glass jar of peppermints, tied with gold ribbon miniature tart tins holding red votive candles dried flower arrangement with strand of tiny white lights

CHRISTMAS 2 – less traditional
Tablecloth: Pale pink or Cream
Napkins: same
Dinnerware; Pink
Flatware: gold
Centrepiece: pink and cream poinsetta

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