Garnishes for Sandwiches

Garnishes for Sandwiches
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  1. Making a sandwich special.
  2. A sprig of parsley, or a sculpted radish is a compliment in every sense of the word. Like serving wine in a wine glass instead of a coffee mug, even something as casual as a sandwich ought to be pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.
  3. The following list contains a wide selection of other garnishes in which you'll find something suitable for almot any occasion of sandwich combination.
  4. Some of the garnishes, such as:
Even a peanut butter & jelly sandwich may be garnished. Try apple or plum (shown in photo) slices, a slice of orange or several orange segments.

Apples- Cubed, sliced, in rings, rolled in paprika, minced parsley, chives or curry powder.[br]Cheese- Cubes, sliced, rolled into small balls, then rolled in paprika, parsley, curry powder, saffron, nuts or chives.[br]Dill pickles- Cubed, sliced, cut fanlike, in sticks or in cups, and filled with cottage cheese or mayonnaise.[br]Green Pepper- In cups, sliced in rings or chopped. [br]Hard Boiled Eggs- Chopped, sliced, quartered, halved, sieved, then mixed with parsley, chives, chopped dill, or capers. [br]Horseradish- Plain or mixed with prepared mustard or dressing, fresh or shredded, in small balls, mixed with cottage cheese.[br]Lemon- Sliced thin, dipped in paprika or minced parsley or chives, or in cups filled with dressing. [br]Lettuce- Shredded, crisp leaves, or in cups with dressing[br]Mint- Especially for lamb sandwiches, fresh mint leaves, mint jelly cubes.[br]Olives- Black, green, ripe. or stuffed, scooped, filled with cottage cheese or horseradish. [br]Parsley- Fresh and crisp, minced, sprig or bunches.[br]Pimento- Sliced, chopped, or in cups filled with minced onion.[br]Radishes- Sliced, dressed with mayonnaise, or scooped and filled with horseradish, mayonnaise or cheese.[br]Relishes- Such as tomato and onion, pickled beets, spiced green beans, curried tomato relish, red onion marmalade, pickled cucumbers and onion slices, cabbage relish, Cole slaw, pickled cauliflowers. Many of these are excellent on the sandwich itself.[br]Tomatoes- Ripe or green, sliced, quartered, or halved and filled with chopped nuts, creamed cheese with nuts, olives or fruit.[br]Watercress- Crisp and green, either sprigs or a generous bunch.

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