White Bean Omelet
Author: Barbara Norman
  • 3/4 Cup dried white beans; cooked, see * Note
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 Cup olive oil
  • 1 pinch salt; (large pinch)
  1. * Note: See "Basic Recipe For Cooking Dried White Beans" - recipe included in this database.
  2. Heat olive oil in skillet; fry beans lightly and remove. Allow them to cool at least 5 minutes before adding to bowl containing eggs lightly beaten with salt.
  3. Stir mixture while reheating frying pan with additional oil (if needed to cover the bottom of the pan).
  4. When the oil is on the verge of smoking, pour in mixture and keep shaking the pan and sliding a spatula or knife around the edges of the omelet to keep it free and to form a high, rounded edge.
  5. When the omelet is almost firm, hold a plate upside down against the frying pan; invert both, dropping the omelet onto the plate as you do so, then slip the omelet back into the pan browned side up.
  6. This is easiest to do if the plate you use fits neatly inside the frying pan. Shake the pan while the second side browns. Serve at once.
Recipe Source: THE SPANISH COOKBOOK by Barbara Norman
Recipe by Epicurus.com Recipes at https://www.epicurus.com/food/recipes/white-bean-omelet/5196/