Sauteed Spinach and Garlic
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  • 1/4 Cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, sliced paper-thin
  • 1 pound baby spinach leaves
  • Kosher or sea salt
  1. Put the oil and garlic in a large skillet or saute pan and set it over medium heat. Cook the garlic, stirring frequently, until it is soft and translucent but not at all browned, about 5 minutes. Reduce the heat to medium-low if necessary to prevent the garlic from browning.
  2. When the garlic is soft, begin to add the spinach by the handful, using tongs or a wooden spoon to coat the spinach with the oil. Raise the heat to medium-high and saute the spinach, tossing it frequently. Continue to add spinach by the handful as the leaves in the pan wilt. When you have added the last of the spinach - this should take no more than 5 minutes total - remove the pan from the hear and toss well so that the last leaves wilt from the residual heat. Season the spinach to taste with salt and serve immediately.
Spinach sauteed with garlic is a classic Italian preparation. This is one of the favorite side dishes to make. It literally takes 5 minutes or less to cook, and there is something about spinach that makes one feel virtuous when it's served, even if it is sharing the plate with a main course.

Actually, this is good healthy eating, rich in iron and other vitamins and minerals.
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