The rabbit and hare family is a relatively large one, which is just as well. Perhaps more weight in rabbits is shot as game than in all other species of animals combined. There is the cottontail (2 to 3 pounds), found all over the country. The swamp or marsh rabbit of the Southeast has webbed hind feet and is an excellent swimmer; it can weigh 3 pounds. The snowshoe rabbit (called varying hare because of its seasonal color changes) and the jackrabbit are also popularly hunted species (ranging from 4 to 10 pounds). The arctic, at 12 pounds, is the largest.

Rabbits are generally good eating, but they are notoriously susceptible to becoming hosts for tularemia.

Young specimens are always the best eating, although the snowshoe does not get worse with age. On the other hand, both the snowshoe and jackrabbit are a bit sinewy to start with, even at an early age. Moist cooking id the best treatment for these. Cottontails, particularly young ones, have moist white meat and are excellent Fried. They can be used in chicken and pheasant recipes.

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