There’s more to potatoes than boilers and bakers. Varieties abound. Here are some easy ways to recognize the more common ones.

ATLANTIC: Look for round shape, netted buff skin and white flesh. Used mainly as a processing potato for potato chips. This tuber is usually harvested in late summer.

DARK RED NORLAND: This is the most widely grown early-season potato in Oregon. It’s oblong and has smooth, red to dark red skin with white flesh. It’s a terrific spud for boiling and steaming.

LA SODA: When these potatoes are harvested in late summer, they’re called new potatoes. But they’re also harvested at full maturity in the fall. They have a light red skin, white flesh and a round to oval shape. It’s a good all-around potato.

RUSSET BURBANK: Harvested in the fall, this is an old favorite. It has a long shape and medium russet skin. It’s a perfect baker and makes great frozen french fries.

RUSSET NORKOTAH: This is a very early russet, usually harvested in midsummer. It has a long or oblong shape and a heavy russet skin. The flesh is white. It’s an excellent choice for boiling or baking.

YUKON GOLD: Mid-season potato with buff skin and light yellow flesh. It has an oval to round shape. The potato is harvested in the fall and has a rich, buttery flavor. Perfect for boiling, roasting and baking.

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