The Leek is held in such high esteem in Wales that it has been the National Emblem of that country for over 1,400 years. Some attribute the wonderful resonant voices of the great Welsh poets, actors, and singers to this mild and sweet member of the onion family.
Leeks - Trimmed
In Scotland, the famed and delicious “cock-a-leekie” soup, which is made from chicken, barley, and leeks is a national favorite.  What would Vichyssoise, the famous potato soup of France (which originated in New York), be without leeks?  In North America, the Leek is primarily used as a soup green, but throughout Europe, it is used as a vegetable and is called the “asparagus of the poor.”

In choosing Leeks, select a fresh-looking flexible bunch which is not sandy. If the stalks are no longer pliable, the leek is apt to be woody.

The flavor of leeks is milder than onions, less exuberant than garlic or spring onions and adds aromatic taste to many dishes.

Get recipes using leeks here.

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