swineflewMuch ado about nothing is the phrase that comes to mind when it comes to fears about pork consumption in regards to the outbreak of Swine Flu. Pork and pork products are completely safe and nothing in the food supply can cause this form of influenza.

While that BBQ Pork sandwich may not be good for your arteries, but it won’t cause Swine Flu. Nor will the bacon, ham or sausage with your morning breakfast, the pork chops or roast pork tenderloin you’re having tonight.

The term Swine Flu is an old one, but no evidence has been found that the outbreak that started in Mexico City had anything to do with pigs, pig farms, pork, or pork processing.

You’re perfectly safe continuing to enjoy all the pork you’d like.

If you’re really worried about Swine Flu, you should look up some of the professional medical sites that have great information about it, such as WebMD.com. Consult your doctor, and if signs of any flu-like symptoms appear, go to the nearest emergency room immediately. Take care of your elderly family members and children, as their immune systems may not be as strong as yours.

Wash your hands with good old fashioned soap and hot (not scalding) water. Don’t use antimicrobial soaps as they’re no more effective than regular ones, and might cause more harm by making any strain you may come in contact with resistant to antimicrobial agents your doctors might need to use. So be judicious, especially with hand sanitizer gels. More effective might be simple alcohol wipes and normal hand washing.

Be sure to wash your hands shortly after coming in contact with others, especially after shaking hands. Clean surfaces in your home, especially the bathrooms and kitchen, with hot water and where appropriate, a solution of water and a little bleach. Be particularly cautious with things like the toothbrushes and the cup or holder you use for them, and never use the same bathroom cup twice. Disposable paper cups are safer.

If you have kids and they have friends over often who use the bathroom, keep some bathroom wipes handy to clean the toilet seat afterwards, just as a precaution. But again, don’t go crazy as this is not a pandemic yet and may well not become one.

Present antimicrobial drugs still work effectively against Swine Flu, even the most virulent strains. What you don’t want to do is over use antimicrobial gels, soaps or other agents to clean your self or home.

Meanwhile, enjoy a Bacon Cheeseburger at lunch today, and don’t worry about anything more than the calories. Remember, you have more chance of seeing pigs fly than of catching Swine Flu from pork.

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