After surviving the incredible wrath of Hurricane Sandy earlier this week, we’ve begun updating

Based in the heart of the Jersey Shore, we’re still without electrical power, had no water.  Food was just about non-existent and gasoline was nearly impossible to get.  But updating this site was critical to us, so, we’ve voluntarily evacuated.  Just to give you a visual idea of what we faced, see the picture below:

Currently working from hotel rooms in the west side of New Jersey, near Philadelphia, we’re endeavoring to bring you great recipes we’ve already tested.

While we have our little hardships, our hearts go out to all our neighbors in New Jersey and New York, who’ve lost their homes, the lives of family members and so much more.  Rebuilding never replaces the treasured things we lose in these storms, though we must rejoice for our survival and the memories we’ll always cherish.

Last summer, we published an article about Seaside Heights.  Today, all we wrote about is a tangled, crushed disaster (see below).

Our commitment to the Jersey Shore remains intact.


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