This month we welcome to the Epicurus family none other than one of New York’s top mixologists and favorite club bartenders, Dominick LaRuffa, Jr.

Dominick LaRuffa Jr.

A member of a family deeply rooted in the world of restaurants, hospitality and Italian cuisine in New York, Dom brings an incredible knowledge of cocktails, beverages and mixology to He’ll be providing visitors with some astounding new drinks you’re going to truly enjoy. His expertise with cocktails is an organic, almost genetic extension of his family’s passion.

His premiere drink will be the Baked Apple Pie Martini — a luscious cocktail with an intense flavor reminiscent of a slice of Grandma’s best apple pie. Dom will offer up a number of wonderful drinks we’ll feature frequently, among others.

Dominick is a graduate of Pace University (BFA, Acting) and is Co-President of Mondays Dark Theatre Company, a non-profit organization that promotes new talent, new productions and new concepts in theatre.

Raised in Brooklyn, Dominick credits his start in theatre to his junior high school; the result of the punishment of not being allowed to finish the basketball season. As an act of youthful rebellion, he auditioned for the 6th grade production of West Side Story, since performing in musicals was not a banned activity. He has not thought about another career since. In the summer of 2011, Dominick and colleagues self-produced Adam Rapp’s Red Light Winter at The 45th Street Theatre. After a sold out run, they decided to do it again, but “for real this time”. Thus, Mondays Dark Theatre Company was born.

Dominick credits the unwavering support of his family, particularly his best friend, biggest fan, and sister, Marisa, and the love he shares with girlfriend Emily. Dominick is a proud member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. His major motion picture debut Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn (as Nick Baldano, Director Paul Borghese) is due in 2012. Off-Broadway: Red Light Winter (Davis), Spring Awakening (Moritz Stiefel), Spring’s Awakening (Georg Zirschnitz / u/s Melchior), 7 Santa’s (SaintNick). Regional: Bug (Peter Evans), The River of Tides (Peter), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Demetrius) and as a producer, If You Start A Fire – Be Prepared to Burn, a play by Kevin Kaufman won critical acclaim in 2012.

We are most proud of Dominick’s involvement in the recent From Broadway With Love – a theatre industry benefit for the victims of the shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Presently, Dominick is an Associate Producer with the Tony Award winning The Broadway Consortium and Broadway Records.

You’ll love Dominick’s talents expressed in both fantastic cocktails and outstanding performances in film and on stage.

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