Planning a wedding? Carlos Varela Photography You’re going to need more than a wedding planner. You’ll need ideas, a concept, and resources. Don’t fall into the trap of letting your wedding planner do it all. If you do, you’re having his or her wedding, not your own.

No matter where in the world you may be, wedding photographers are probably the most important person you’ll need after your intended, the person officiating and the caterer. Why? Because the photographer will capture the essence of your wedding, and all your memories will be preserved in the pictures he or she will shoot that day. Your children will know your wedding more from the photos than from anything you tell them, as will your grandchildren. The photographer captures your history and genealogy, as well as the love and tenderness of the moment.

Roses Wedding CakeWe endorse only one great wedding photographer: Carlos Andres Varela of Mr. Varela is based in New York City, though he travels extensively. His wedding photographs are among the finest we’ve ever seen, and he truly captures an enhanced view of the moment, bringing life to photographs and photographs to life.

Using a technique called “Cinematic”, his photos are deep, rich and vibrant, with exceptional use of light and color to create the most romantic, seductive memories. You’ll simply love them. His prices are not cheap, but others are far more expensive and his work is well worth any price. After all, what’s a memory worth?

Carlos Andres Varela Photography
New York, NY
T. 646.291.6847


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