Getting your exercise is incredibly important, particularly these days when diet fads make us think we can avoid physical activities. Healthy exercise is good for the heart and mind, not to mention the waistline. These two devices can and will help with yours.

Great Budget Elliptical Trainer, Easy To Maneuver, Solid Construction

There’s a lot to like about the Sunny Health & Fitness Air Elliptical Trainer, especially if you are on a budget.

Let’s go through the product, from delivery to finished product. When ordering fitness equipment, no matter if in store or online, you don’t want to have a work out just getting the box in the house. This unit is very manageable, just about 50 lbs (much less than some LCD TV’s), and if you don’t have too many health restrictions (you are buying fitness equipment anyway, right), most people could manage getting the box in the door, and even up or down stairs. The box is about the size a 32″ TV would come in.

Everything is packed tightly inside (tape and foam), and was able to slide out by turning the box upside down till the contents, neatly taped together, came out of the box, rather easily. Assembly is always something to face with fitness equipment.

No-one’s ever received a piece fully assembled, and some that are literally 100 pieces, or more. Having put together, for myself and friends, at least a dozen pieces of equipment over the years, it was this one from Sunny Health was definitely mostly pre-assembled, which is great for me. Leaving the nuts and bolts out of the count, there are only 10 total main pieces to assemble. The hardware comes with 3 Allen key’s (two the same size for a specially assembly instruction), and two wrenches. The tools are good quality and didn’t really require anything more than what was provided. It was great to see the arm/foot bars were pre-assembled easily saving me at least 10 minutes compared to other ellipticals purchased from other companies.

Each of the major parts are labeled on the part to keep all the guesswork out of it; Front/back feet, left/right arm’s/peddle assemblies and so on. When getting the feet on (as per the first step), it became clear that the front has rolling casters. When the machine is lifted on an angle, one can easily roll it from room to room or store it out of the way when needed; a very cool feature. The solid rubber feet are great to keep the machine stable. No matter the equipment, I would always recommend some type of fitness mat for stabilization and general protection, in this case, paring the elliptical with a yoga mat keeps every thing stable.

The arm/foot assemblies go together next. The main bolts are even labeled right on the bolt to prevent confusion. The assembly guide is easy to follow and with minimal experience it was only necessary to glance at it occasionally, to make sure the assembly was on the right track. With so few parts to assemble, this project moves along quickly. All the connections appeared to be pre-greased, meaning no mess for me (as with others that had to be greased manually). After all was said and done, it probably took 20 minutes to get the unit together (not including getting it out of the box and everything unwrapped and laid out).

Overall, the Sunny Health & Fitness Air Elliptical Trainer is a great choice for those on a budget. Having owned several machines from the big ICON guys (think ProForm, Gold’s Gym, Weslo, etc.) and this one is just as good as most of their entry level line too. This is a ‘fan’ type elliptical so there is a gentle noise to the fan, only a little different than having a room fan on, to be frank about it.

The movement is just right for me and the adjustable resistance is great to increase my workout as needed. I don’t have any problems with the stride, it is fixed about 18″ so it’s just on target for my needs. Most of the lower priced (still 2 to 3 times the price of this) ProForm’s out there are only 15″ which is fine if you are shorter, but if you are taller, like me, you need a longer stride and this fits the bill. The computer keeps track of time, speed, distance, and calorie’s burned. It’s a nice little system that only requires 1 AA battery which is included. Big tip, check the foam before discarding, the computer is taped in there and could easily be missed.

Any fitness equipment, just like a car, can use some regular user maintenance, including bolt tightening and applying new grease. Don’t forget these important steps to keep this, or any fitness equipment you buy, lasting a good long time. Fitness equipment show’s it’s true self over time, right now a week in I’m extremely pleased with this unit, but if any problems or concerns rise,this review will be updated.

Easy Assembly, Nice Speed Range, Exercise Programs Built-in, Quick Access Controls

The features of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Premium Electric Treadmill, are a huge major plus, and it’s seems like it’s 99.9% pre-assembled, and that is a huge advantage.

Taking the treadmill from delivery to finished product:

When ordering fitness equipment, no matter if in store or online, it’s good to know what it will take just to get the box inside to get setup. This unit for most may require a partner to help with the box. At just about 120 lbs, it’s pretty heavy, but no heavier than most electric treadmills. The good news is that the actual weight of the treadmill is less (about 103 lbs) and the finished product has smart features for helping to move it around after setup. After getting the box indoors and the treadmill out of it, one person could easily manage the rest.

Everything is packed tightly inside (tape and foam), but what really surprised me, is the ease of putting it together. This treadmill was literally 99.9% pre-assembled, all that was needed was to add-on a couple plastic covers, and add-in about eight screws (all the same so there’s nothing to confuse). Leaving the eight screws and their washers out, there are only three main pieces to assemble. That is extremely easy to manage. The hardware comes with an Allen key and a wrench screwdriver. The tools are good quality and nothing else was required, other than what was provided.

The treadmill bed is 100% assembled. The console and arm supports are pre-assembled and practically ‘unfold’ to where they need to be. The instruction manual is easy to follow; with pictures, and of course a limited number of parts to actually deal with. When starting to raise the console assembly, there is part that is removed from the treadmill called a ‘safety block’. Do yourself a favor and keep this somewhere for any future use. It will make packing the treadmill up so much easier if you ever have to move houses in the future.
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Premium Electric Treadmill

Any fitness equipment out there, just like a car, can use some regular user maintenance including bolt tightening and applying new grease. This particular treadmill comes with a bottle of lubricate oil, and you will want to lubricate the belt before first use (all explained in the manual). It’s easy to lift the belt, apply, then spread it with a cloth. After that, the manufacturer recommends reapplying oil every 188 miles and there is a built-in reminder to let you know when it’s time, like that feature so I don’t have to remember. Also the belt is easy to adjust and tighten as needed using the included Allen key. Don’t forget these important steps to keep this, or any fitness equipment you buy lasting a good long time.

As mentioned earlier, the belt can be raised off the ground for storage. You know those cabinet doors and drawers that you can’t slam? That automatically ‘slow close’ to prevent the loud ‘bang’? This treadmill, when lowering the running deck, has a similar feature so there is no need to bend to lower the bed, it will gently lower all on its own, so smart and cool. When the belt is lifted, it locks in place so I can tilt the treadmill back, and roll it on its caster wheels for storage in another room.

Like cars that have hands-free controls on the steering wheel, this treadmill has quick controls on the handrails. For me this means safer stability and control, without having to take my hands off the safety rails to reach to the main console in front of me. Speed can be controlled on the right handle, start/stop on the left handle. The treadmill also has a pulse rate system by grabbing the handrails, and so far it works just fine.

For safety there is a magnetic key that is required to allow the machine to operate. It’s also a safety feature to shut down the treadmill in case of accidental falls. What is particularly likeable about this feature is, when the key is removed, the treadmill can’t even turn on, so the kids can’t mess with it.

The absolute minimum speed is 0.5MPH (and where the machine starts at use), absolute maximum speed 9.0MPH. There are quick speed buttons for 2MPH, 4MPH and 6MPH and the treadmill has 9 programmed exercise routines. There is incline (three levels), it’s manual and easy to adjust with feet on the back with locking pins

Generally speaking, there is so much more to the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Premium Electric Treadmill than one might think, and there’s plenty of room to grow with it. It is a great choice for those on a budget. There is plenty of room on the belt for me (both length and width) and mostly I walk vs. run (personally preferring low impact). But, this would be a good amount of space for runners out there too, especially with a top speed of 9MPH. The console keeps track of time, speed, distance, and calorie’s burned, and it’s all wall powered, no batteries to manage.

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