The internationally famed Rainbow Room will close its iconic, art deco Rainbow Grill Monday, January 12th, citing severe economic conditions and difficulties with its lease.

Located on the 65th Floor of Rockefeller Center, The Rainbow Grill has been operated by Cipriani Restaurants and has an Italian themed menu.

Remaining open on the 65th Floor will be the bar, banqueting and dinner-dancing sessions that reflect its glamorous history.

The restaurant’s Art Deco interior is the embodiment of style and elegance of the 1930’s when the Rockefeller Center building was constructed. Like the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, these three structures set the fundamental definition of American Art Deco.

The Rainbow Room was “the” place to be scene for American millionaires, European aristocrats and social climbers throughout the period from its opening to about the late 1970’s when it began to decline in status as New York’s dining scene blossomed and cheaper travel took potential guests to different climes.  With its own renaissance in the late 1990’s under Cipriani’s leadership, the Rainbow Room regained much of its lustre, but never recaptured its glory days. A reflection of the changing mores of American dining habits.

It is likely this iconic space will remain unaltered and is likely to be used again, probably by a new management company. It will remain a unique part of New York’s illustrious dining history.

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