The world is changing all about us. Economies are in crisis, on scales ranging from the global to the individual home. Yet despite all this upheaval, women are expected to do more, and to remain the anchor of families and businesses, not to mention nations.

As a unique oddity of this economic crisis, more men are losing their jobs on Wall Street than women, increasing substantially, the number of women working in the financial sector. A great step since Muriel Siebert became the first woman to hold a seat on the NY Stock Exchange only a few decades ago. It is projected that women will eventually dominate the financial sector and some, including CNBC suggest they may be the group that brings Wall Street out of its present troubles. Women, it is proven, are more practical and pragmatic than men.

In the home, women continue to suffer though, particularly among those whose homes have been foreclosed. Many of them abandoned by their spouses who are off looking for work, find themselves living not in their former homes, but in motels, keeping together their children and trying desperately to make ends meet. Like the women of the 1930’s, these women prove to be the strength and backbone of the American family.

Others, still in their homes are discovering new ways to cope with economic difficulties, from cooking more at home with less and relearning in quick pace, those skills their grandmothers knew so well. Many of us have forgotten the basics of the kitchen and home economics, but like our grandmothers and great grandmothers, we are learning quickly how to cope with limited budgets and making due with limited resources.

We at noticed more women coming to the site looking for recipes, usually economical ones. We’ve committed our resources to providing many more such recipes to help make home budgets stretch, still making appealing foods to feed a family. One of my commitments is to ensure that publishes recipes that help women to keep their families happy, and minimize the time it takes to do so, so women can spend their time more effectively than simply cooking in the kitchen. After all, we have so much more to do today than our grandmothers did.

Indeed women today are evolving and adapting to these changing times. Many women are in fact leading the way out of the global financial crisis. Women like Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Maxine Waters, Melissa Bean and Senators Barbara Boxer, Barbara Mikulski, Maria Cantwell, Susan Collins, Diane Feinstein and Kay Bailey Hutchinson among others. If one looks today at the Congress and compares it to the Congress of only 30 years ago, one sees a remarkable difference. Not only do women participate, but we lead. The Speaker is Nancy Pelosi, the Chair of the FDIC is Sheila Bair, and many House and Senate committees are chaired by women, gaining strength and power from their roles, finally respected for their common sense and hard work.

The media have made comparisons of President Obama to President Kennedy, but they also compare Michelle Obama to Jackie. In truth, Michelle is a much more modern woman. A lawyer in her own right, our new First Lady is a strong, dynamic leader and we expect great things from her during this term.

And of course there’s Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, former NY Senator and present Secretary of State. Hillary was the first woman to come within a few votes of becoming President of the United States during the last election. Many still believe she should have won, and she continues to have a loyal following.

The US is not unique in having dynamic female leaders. Germany’s Angela Merkel is an amazing woman, as is Christine Lagarde, former Minister of Finance in France and now head of the International Monetary Fund. Amidst the grief and turmoil of Iceland’s financial collapse, Iceland’s government selected Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir to be their new Prime Minister, charged with the difficult task of leading that nation out of its most dangerous and difficult period.

Women have been gaining strength and momentum in politics, business and the home for the past hundred years, but these past few decades have been the most rewarding. While women still do not have pay parody with their male counterparts in most jobs, headway is being made there too. As more women take leadership roles in government, can pay parody be far behind? We suspect it will be the greatest benefit to come out of this economic turmoil.

The Queen of England has celebrated 60 years on the throne while today’s Olympians include women who not only attain gold medals, but surpass endurance and speed records previously set and currently held by men.

Despite all the trials and tribulations of the housewife in this period, I seriously believe women have the ability to contribute greatly to economic recovery, not only of nations, but primarily of the home, holding together families that might otherwise be harmed in this time. Women, after all, are the stronger gender!

Yes, women are winning in most parts of the world, still bigotry, malevolence, enslavement, violence and domination continue in many parts of the world, including here at home.  The challenge is far from over, the battle for equality rages on.  Keep up the fight girls, we’re doing better than our grandmothers!

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