Comfort is the thing, along with warmth required in wintertime bedding. There’s no benefit getting into a cold bed, or one that offers neither warmth nor comfort. Indeed, getting into a bed with a decent weight comforter or duvet is just the thing to aid in a decent night’s sleep, particularly in cooler climates.

Superb comforters and duvets can require considerable care and attention. Cleaning and basic maintenance can, with even the priciest brands be incredibly troublesome, or easier than pie. Many require little more than basic dry cleaning, and those are the ones I focus on.

As with most of my other comforters, the Elliz Luxurious Lightweight White Down Comforter Light Warmth Duvet has some of the same basic care requirements: straightforward dry cleaning. I don’t have to baby this comforter and can use it everyday without worry of excessive wear.

It gives me that beautiful, white crisp, very clean look that I like in my linens, and in the bedroom. It has a very generous amount of fill and a generous size. Great for keeping that fill in place and not bunching up in the far corners, especially after cleaning.

This is a simple and easy way to make a room have a clean and pristine look. Excellent to layer with colors for accent or just keep it basic with white sheets and pillow case(s).

Overall, I like this particular comforter for all season use. Wonderful to curl up with in the cooler months and just turn down during the hotter months. It’s easy to throw on the bed, and the bed looks like a dream ready for me, or for a guest room in an instant.

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