He’s a quiet, smiling gentleman, with an amiable personality, filled with the charm and grace one would expect from a prince or even a king. His thinking could out maneuvre the best strategies of Napoleon, Caesar and Alexander combined and his taste would put Madame du Pompadour to shame.

Who is this super-human? None other than Fritz Erni, Director of the Montana Art Deco Hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Fritz ErniHerr Erni is someone with exceptional management skills, but with vision and foresight to bring a hotel situated in the 1920’s into the 21st Century with perfect ease.

His passion for single malt Scotch whiskey is unparalelled outside Scotland. He’s even tracked down a rare bottle, no longer in production, bought no less than six and has probably the only bar in Continental Europe that sells the liquid treasure by the dram. His collection of more than 100 rare Scotches at the Louis Bar (named for Louis Armstrong) is nothing less than unique. If you truly enjoy single malt whisky, you simply must visit the Louis Bar.

Switzerland recently changed their blood alcohol laws. To make sure his guests don’t drink and drive, Herr Erni found self-breathalizers and makes them available to guests. Service staff are also trained to provide a simple test to determine how much time is needed to lower a guests blood alcohol level before being safe to drive. Ingenious. With one single plan, he’s not only doing a great thing for his guests, but reducing the number of potentially drunk drivers on the streets of Lucerne.

Panoramic view of Lucerne and Hotel MontanaTravel to Lucerne or environs frequently? You can keep your own wardrobe at the hotel without having to carry luggage for short stays. Erni saw that in olden times, hotels kept large rooms for guest luggage and these rooms remained generally unused, just in case. He decided to do something about it and keeps a wardrobe cabinet available for frequent guests. When you call and reserve a room, your wardrobe will be opened, your shirt and suit pressed, shoes polished and everything put in your room, just as you like it. Arrive, sleep and wake the next day to a fresh change of clothes, ready for travel. Just leave your other suit and shirt and they’ll take care of cleaning and pressing them for your next visit. Simply brilliant planning.

In the next month, there will be an additional piece or two about Montana Art Deco Hotel in EGO. In the meantime, book a room and try to meet Herr Erni and get to know a perfect example of Swiss hospitality, in the flesh. If you do, you’ll understand why he’s ‘da bomb’! You’ll simply want to pack him in your luggage and steal him away… just leave the towels though.

Montana Art Deco Hotel
Adligenswilerstrasse 22
6002 Luzern
Telephone: +41 (0)41 419 000 000


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