Jamie Schler hits the mark on all counts in her amazing cookbook focused on oranges, Orange AppealOrange Appeal: Savory and Sweet. She’s created such amazing recipes, with incredible flavors that one cannot resist consuming every dish ten-fold.

From her childhood on Florida’s Indian River, the cradle of American citrus production, Schler grew up with the omnipresent sunshine, and sweet, tart and juicy qualities of locally grown oranges. She explores the diverse range of its uses, well beyond the typical ones we think of most commonly. Equally important, she shows us how to use almost the whole fruit – from candied peel to sweet and savory uses for the juicy flesh of the divine citrus.

The recipes not only draw your attention, but make your mouth water in anticipation of the first taste of each. No recipe in this book will ever bore you or your guests. They’re exciting, lively, rich in flavor and rather obviously, high in Vitamin C.

The majority of cookbooks that focus on a single fruit, vegetable or protein today, offer seriously weird, discordant recipes few would ever want to make. That is not the case with Orange Appeal. Schler’s recipes are not only focused, but target a diverse range of tastes, seasons, and meals – all without swaying from her target – to enlighten the reading cook about the amazing qualities and potential uses of the delectable, delicious orange.

The hard-cover tome is filled with superb photographs, outstanding, easy-to-make recipes and many tips and hints that will help any home cook understand and professionally handle the golden gems. Schler is a superb teacher, extraordinary cook, and hotelier extraordinaire. Together with her husband Jean-Pierre Dagneaux, she runs the Hotel Diderot in Chinon, France, an ancient city of great historic importance in the beautiful Loire Valley. Her three-star property offers impeccable food, so if you like the book, make a reservation! Oh, she makes some amazing jams and preserves, sold at the hotel.

You’ll adore the book, love the recipes, savor the dishes you’ll prepare, and treasure the things you’ll learn from Orange Appeal: Savory and Sweet. Now, orange you going to order this book, right away?

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