Beckmann of Norway is that nation’s oldest and largest brand of backpacks, and for good reason. The quality of workmanship is outstanding. In a part the world where snow is common, and days can last a season, a sturdy, reliable backpack can be a lifesaving thing.
Norway's Beckmann
Is it any wonder then, that Beckmann produces such amazing products? The backpack recently acquired is listed as a teenage model, tough I found it well suited to any age. The construction is strong, and the materials incredibly durable, and surprisingly lightweight, ensuring solid, reliable performance. Best of all, the design is functional, modern and elegant.

Many backpacks, rucksacks and knapsacks I’ve tried over the years have been either featherweight light, and usually flimsy, or they’ve been heavy materials to ensure strength and durability. Beckmann has mastered the ideal combination of light weight with substantial durability, proving the superiority of their workmanship and design.

The retro design harkens back to the the 1950s, though it doesn’t look like something your grandparents might have used. Rather, the sleek, simple appearance is contemporary, as well as being fashionable. Whether for yourself or your teen, this is a backpack anyone will be proud to carry in public.

Mine was in Dark Blue, though Beckmann produces a wide range of colors, patterns and styles suitable to any taste or preference. The light weight materials includes an aluminum frame for rigid support. Leather components add both quality and distinction to many of Beckmann’s products.

The one I’m using has a separate compartment for my laptop, and iPad. There’s comfortable padding in both the back and straps, with a chest strap. It has several extra pockets, but unlike some competitors, it is not overloaded with little compartments that rarely have any viable use. The main portion is spacious either for books, or enough clothing suitable for a weekend outing or mini-vacation. It is even comfortable enough to carry while bicycling, and stable enough to endure the rigors of skiing. After all, it’s from Norway.

Beckmann of Norway 30 Litre Dark Blue Backpack is highly recommended.

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