As publisher of this site, I am pleased to announce that is undergoing a facelift intended to provide our viewers with many new features, options and resources.

The site has been somewhat disorganized in the past few years owing to several migrations. Now, within a solid, stable framework, we are beginning the process of a long-overdue overhaul we hope you’ll find appealing.  With more than 2.5 Million pages of content, the site is frequently difficult to manage, but we do try.

Our old recipes are still there, and we presently have 300+ in the pipeline, waiting to be launched. Once launched, there will be more than 5,300 food recipes, and more than 3,400 beverage recipes. In all, around 9,000, plus or minus a few hundred (but who’s counting).

We’ve added six new recipe category fields, and four hundred new categories, just to help you find the recipes you want, faster, easier and more efficiently, as well as a new “A to Z” directory, allowing you to find your favorite recipes by the alphabet.

In addition, the navigation bar on the top of each page takes you to more of our most popular sections, directly.

There are many new components to our pages as well. For example, our Recipes page has new options such as pictorial selections, a random recipe (refresh the page for a new one), and links to recipe collections.

We’re cleaning up our code too, making pages faster to load, easier to browse and we hope, generally more attractive. Our recipes are undergoing edits, improving them. We’ve also increased the font size of all our recipes so you don’t have to squint to see them anymore.

Our team is also working on a new look for this Blog, so you’ll see more feature articles, not less.

Best of all, we’ve brought back our newsletter subscriptions, so if you’d like, sign up and receive our great food and beverage newsletter, which we’ll start publishing in March on a regular basis.  We have many more surprises coming too, like social networking. You’re going to like that, I promise!

We hope you like the new look of, and find it easier to use, and much more helpful in your quest for great recipes.

On a side note, I’d like to thank our great team, including Steven, Joe, Marcia and of course, Laurie, for all their wonderful, insightful help in this extensive project.

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