pomegranateopenAs time progresses, our database of recipes from time to time gets, well, a bit messy. This means occasionally we need to clean house – getting rid of old recipes that don’t work very well or may be very unpopular, and replacing them with tried and true ones.

Right now, we’re in the middle of one of those clean-ups. As a result, we’ve filled in some of the missing gaps in our database by adding more than 500 recipes just in the past week and almost 1,000 in October.

In the next few weeks, more than 180 Spanish recipes will be added, and more than 500 additional ones in a variety of categories.

But we need your help to clean up our database. Sometimes the ingredients or instructions get clipped, usually evidenced by words being cut off in the middle. When you find one of these, please let us know by using the contact us link.

We’re also trying harder to properly categorize each recipe, and look forward to a vastly improved category system, helping you to find recipes much more easily. Every recipe we’re adding now has been carefully categorized, but thousands of older ones remain.

Don’t worry about the ones we’re deleting. There were many days when we asked each other – What were we thinking? Now, the awful have been replaced with really good recipes you are sure to enjoy. As of this moment, there are 7,449 recipes. Four days ago, there were 5,523, so we’re working hard to give you many more choices.

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