Meat is most important in our daily living.  It is the staple food in the countries that show the greatest enterprise and energy.  Eminent authorities agree on the desirability of some meat as an article of diet. Meat is almost completely digested by a normal person, is always available, easy to prepare and tastes good. The savory scents that arise in the cooking process arouse pleasant anticipation.

The consumption of meat in the United States is larger than that in any other nation; meat is cheaper here and of a better quality.  We have been prosperous and use meat freely, often wastefully.  Conditions demand that this waste be stopped; we are not asked to omit meat, but to use it intelligently. Economy means wise use, not denial.

The food value of meat is principally for the tissue-building material called protein.  Then, too, it is valuable for the fat which is present, for fat gives the body both heat and working energy.  The protein also gives muscular power which makes it essentially the diet of those who do work out of doors and those who do hard manual labor.  Mineral substances are present in small quantities.  They aid in body growth and development. 

Very young and very old people require little meat; and it is an important part of the diet only in moderation by anyone.  Amounts vary with individual conditions, occupations and habits.  People who are undernourished lack resistance to ward off disease – those in prime health have a greater resistance.  Meat has a higher food value than most vegetables, though a mixture of both is critically important.  We know vegetarians and vegans will disagree with our position, but we believe this to be true.
Sliced Steak
In the 19th century, when many of our immigrant ancestors came to America from Europe and Asia, where meat was a small portion of the daily diet, and they began to consume much larger portions of meat available here, and in greater frequency, the next generation were surprisingly taller, fit and generally healthier than the previous.  One would walk through the streets of Brooklyn and see rather petite older couples, often no taller than five feet, three inches, accompanied by their son, standing six feet, four.  We attribute this to the sudden increase in proteins into the diet of the immigrants.

Wise buying, careful preparation and sensible serving are necessary to take full advantage of this opportunity.  Health must be conserved, bodies nourished, needs gratified and tastes pleased; all at a minimum cost.

Hamburger and frankfurters, for example, was not intended to serve as the means to corporate franchises, but to provide the poorer among our society with the opportunity to enjoy the rich man’s steak at a price that was affordable.  The spread of ground meat was seriously intended to make beef more affordable to the masses, and not the creation of a restaurateur with a scheme to sell cheap sandwiches.

Many prejudices must be discarded by loyal people – that all foods must be utilized.  Nature demands a certain balance; a lack of one element must be made up by another, as any good vegetarian will tell you.  When the meat supply is scant, the increased use of butter is immediate – indicating a doubtful economy.  We pay a good price for meat, eggs and milk, but get full value for our money.  Few other foods repair the body so perfectly.  The digestibility of meat depends somewhat upon texture and fat (which is why ground beef was so popular), as well as upon the cooking, but the actual difference between various meats is slight.   Meat is the most satisfying food that we place upon our table.

We are however, concerned by the radical addition of hormones, medicines and other injected things into our beef, veal, pork and other meats.  In many cases, these added chemicals ruin the flavor of good meat.   We strongly endorse the organic meat markets and companies that grow, produce and sell organic meats and recommend to our readers that they consume only the organic variety if possible.  The flavor difference will astound you.  While currently a bit pricey, the more who demand organic meats from their markets, the lower the price will be.

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