In a recent conversation about, the question arose “what makes different from other major food sites?”

The simple answer to that is that we’re focused on the home cooking of real people, not on the haute cuisine portrayed in the print food magazines or many of the television shows and their respective websites.

One of the reasons Emeril was so successful in his early years, as well as Graham Kerr, Mary Ann Esposito and others, was that they kept their recipes simple, easy to make and used ingredients, for the most part, that are available in markets everywhere. They knew how to keep it real.

While the haute cuisine magazines and television shows portray beautiful food and we highly commend them for reaching the pinnacle of the art of food, at we know that the home cook in suburban America, Canada, Britain or Australia… in South Africa or Mexico doesn’t have access to most of the gourmet products used in most of the recipes featured in those wonderful publications. Can one really find white truffles in the suburbs of Peoria?

In today’s economy, would you want to spend the money on such items when you’re trying to keep within an increasingly tight budget? We don’t think so and taking such a view of home economics, we knew years ago that the most suitable food is the most readily accessible and real food people tend to cook every day.

At, most of our recipes focus on the type of food you can cook easily, and on ingredients that should be available anywhere. Admittedly, we have our haute cuisine recipes too. But in far fewer number.

One reader once wrote “when I visit, I know I can find a better recipe for Macaroni and Cheese to feed my family”.

Tell us what you think about our strategy and our focus on economical home cooking.

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