Should there be national standards for the term “All Natural”?

Recently I became hypersensitized to antibiotics. This has severely hampered my normal diet.

Eating organic and natural foods is now an essential part of my daily life now and I’m finding a lot of “anomalies” in the term “All Natural”.

For example, last week I purchased Skippy “All Natural” peanut butter but found they add sugar and palm oil. That’s natural?

Smucker’s All Natural peanut butter contains only peanuts and salt. What’s the difference? Simply put, Smucker’s requires the consumer to blend the peanut butter with the oil that separates in the jar. Once refrigerated, the oil remains emulsified.

Skippy determined that the public was too lazy to mix the product, so they added palm oil as an emulsifier to keep their peanut butter from separating on the store shelf. Adding sugar was simply a matter of their marketing efforts towards kids. Shame on Skippy for this, and for their lack of faith in their customer base.

When companies put out products that are labelled “All Natural”, that’s precisely what the product should be. Peanut butter shouldn’t have added products like palm oil or other emulsifiers or sugars added.

We did seek a comment for this article from Unilever, Skippy’s parent company, but our calls were not answered or returned.

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