You may be pleased to know that we’ve been doing some work at for the benefit of our readers.

The GlossaryFirst, we’ve increased the size of our basic food glossary to more than 7,850 definitions, up from about 2,200.

You will find the glossary now to be one of the largest compilations of food information online and it is still a work in progress. There are many duplicate listings, but we’ve made sure that they each represent a unique way of defining the subject. We found that different glossarists will write about the same thing in different ways, each with a unique perspective. It was, for us, important that our readers have the benefit of those differing opinions.

We expect that by our 14th anniversary in October 2010, we shall have increased the glossary to more than 10,000 definitions.

The number of recipe has also risen to 8,509, with plans to raise that number to 10,000 before we begin to split the recipes into 12 separate base categories. Each of this will have its own subcategories, making it possible for us to increase the number of recipes.

You may have noticed too that our recipes have improved a bit. We’ve added some comments to most of them.

Lots more is planned for 2010. A new members area will be going into operation soon, with the ability for members to add recipes, upload images and much more.

We believe in our readers, which is why we’re online for nearly 14 years, serving up great recipes and resources. You may be interested to read this completely unsolicited opinion about our site that we found accidentally in a Google search.

Thank you for continuing to visit

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