Last Friday, after several days battling the pain of a kidney stone, I was rushed to hospital doubled over in pain.

It is unusual for hospitals to keep a patient with stones because they generally pass, on their own, perhaps with a bit of pain management and patient guidance. This one was different. At 8mm, it wasn’t going anywhere quietly, so the hospital decided to keep me and thus began my weekend in bed.

I think one of the things keeping me there was the fact that at one time, I have six (yes, 6) stones, including the big one. The last stone which passed, was 5mm and departed like a thief in the night in April. However, doctors think I didn’t pass the last one, but these things don’t pass without leaving their mark (screaming pain, for one).

This coming Thursday, my doctors have to do a procedure to move the stone back to the kidney. After that, ultrasound lithotripsy will be done in yet another procedure (at another facility) to break the stones apart and allow them to flow out, naturally. Hopefully, it will get all six.

Anyway, I’m back. I’m bloggin’ and alive, if not well.

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