For many of us, holiday time equals a season of indulgence. Family feasts include delicious meals with plenty of cookies or pies for dessert, which are just too yummy to resist. This holiday season, try adding organic ingredients to your favorite recipes. The result will be delicious treats you can feel good about, because they’re better for you, your family, and even the environment.

When you’re preparing your main course, spice it up with some organic spices from McCormick, available at many supermarket locations. Its 100 percent organic Gourmet Collection includes thyme leaves, dill weed, parsley flakes, and oregano. The sage will make a tasty addition to your Thanksgiving stuffing. These herbs and spices deliver all natural goodness and wholesome flavor, while the methods used to produce them help preserve our earth for generations to come.

Some companies offer organic olive oil, which delivers exquisite taste and quality, plus the benefits of the healthy monounsaturated fat and antioxidants it contains. Use it for sauteing or baking, or combine with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Red Wine Vinegar, or Organic Balsamic Vinegar for fresh, delicious salad dressings.

The perfect ending to many a great meal, dessert is often the most anticipated part of dinner. Some supermarkets offer a great selection of organic baking ingredients that allow you to give your old favorites a healthy update. You’ll find a wide variety of organic flours, including Arrowhead Mills’ Organic White Pastry, Semolina, Oat, or Soy flours to enjoy in your cookies and cakes. Hodgson Mill also offers a number of choices, including Organic Graham Flour and Oat Bran Flour. Its flours are full of natural flavor but free of artificial preservatives, additives, and colorings. And try 4 Grain Organic Eggs in your baking. These eggs come from cage-free hens raised on organic feed.

Select markets also offers natural sugars from Florida Crystals. These sugars are milled on the day of harvest, with one simple crystallization. There are no additives, preservatives, or anything artificial — just natural sweetness to enhance your favorite foods.

For an extra special treat, try organic peaches, apples, and pears in your pies and tarts. The perfect touch for your holiday cookies—Earthbound Farm organic raisins. Finally, for all your recipes from main course to grand finale, try Organic Valley’s award-winning butter, which has been named Best Butter in the Nation for the second year in a row by the American Cheese Society. The salted or unsalted varieties melt properly and keep their flavor and consistency during cooking and baking.

Whatever your menus may be this season, enjoy that Thanksgiving stuffing, yummy casserole, or apple pie that you made with organic ingredients. That way you’ll know that you’ve made the healthier choice for you, your family, and your holiday guests.

Don’t forget that many supermarkets carry organic or free-range turkey for the holiday.   If you don’t see any, don’t hesitate to ask at the butcher counter or customer service desk.

We’d like to wish you and your family a Healthy, Happy and Delicious Thanksgiving!

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