It is very rare when a cookbook persuades us that recipes such as those in Gut Gastronomy will impact those who read it positively.  In this case, the persuasion was relatively easy.  You see, this book works, helping me take off a few pounds, but making me feel 10,000 times better overall. Best of all, the food was exceptional, flavorful and visually appealing.

For several years, we’ve promoted the concept of ‘Food with an Address’, and in many ways, Gut Gastronomy deals with that concept, but takes it much further, introducing incredible ways of cooking some ordinary foods with otherwise mundane ingredients.

The recipes in this incredible book are designed to, and I can attest (after a month of trials) have the affect of improving your digestive health, beautifying your skin, nails and hair, leaving you fitter, healthier and reasonably lighter, having the benefit of weight loss added to them.  Simply exceptional.

Take for example the amazing Salt Crusted Celeriac, which I found to be somewhat sweet, delectable and powerfully tasty.  The crust, made with a salt dough, rather like the kind we used to make as children, is flavored with rosemary, infusing its herbal goodness into the vegetable.   Celeriac is a grossly misunderstood vegetable, but prepared in the way presented in this book, it reaches its zenith as a side dish.  All too often, celeriac is simply used in soups and sauces to add a celery-like flavor. Baked, as in this book’s recipe, it comes into its own, showing its mettle as a stand-alone vegetable.

Covered in the salt dough, which includes flour (you will never consume), the crust is opened with a serrated knife and the celeriac is spooned out to yield a superior culinary accomplishment.

The recipes and core concept were created at Grayshott Spa, where the focus is on digestive health as the cure to other ills. This is a concept we can embrace without reservation.

If you’re a smart cook, or want to impress whilst still preparing healthful cuisine, this is ‘the’ cookbook.  Forget all that paleo philandering, and fads that get you no-where. Dismiss the books and trends that pass through your life leaving you wondering ‘why did I do that?‘ because at the end of the day, they will not be sustainable diets.  The recipes in Gut Gastronomy are not only sustainable, but enjoyable.

Admittedly some recipes are rather fancy and elegant. Others are less elegant, but no less tasty or refined. Each has its health benefits and all have the ultimate purpose of keeping you and your family, friends and guests healthy.

“Gut Gastronomy”, by Vicki Edgson and Adam Palmer (Jacqui Small), available from Based on the health regime created by Elaine Williams and Stephanie Moore of Grayshott Spa.

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