Gaston LeNotre, Master Patissiere

Gaston LeNotre, Master Patissiere

Famed restaurateur and pastry master Gaston LeNotre, who built an empire on buttercream and ganache has died of a long-term illness in his home in Sologne, France, just outside Paris at the age of 88.

LeNotre developed his own specialized school of pastry, at which our own publisher studied in late 1979 to 1980, earning a ‘Grand Diplome’ in the pastry arts, as did thousands of others throughout the school’s impressive history.

Always a perfectionist when it came to pastry, his reputation helped him develop an empire that included not only the school, but bakeries operating throughout the world, and restaurants.

“Our dear Gaston will be deeply missed, but his legacy lives on.” said the Publisher of “This is truly a great loss to the world of culinary artistry.” 

LeNotre’s cookbooks on pastry were, without a doubt, the modern equivalent of the books by Auguste Escoffier… legendary. Published in most languages, they became a part of every qualified chef’s library and set the foundations for modern pastry and baking.

His international stature is reflected in the video by his Paris staff, showing not only the cafes and the school, but the diversity of his team.


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