The 81st Oscar Night celebrations will take place on February 22nd at 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern time. As always, these entertaining evenings are fun to watch and like Super Bowl Sunday, they afford a unique opportunity to host a party in your home.

Let’s create a great menu for your own Oscar Night Party and celebrate with the stars! Because everyone will be focused intently on what the stars are wearing, and how they’re behaving (or not, as the case may be), we should serve finger foods and appetizers, allowing guests to grab a quick and light bite during the commercials. After the red carpet part is over, you can serve a perfect cake. For drinks, we suggest a few cocktails and mocktails that are winners in their own right.

The appetizers:
Hollywood Bowl Shrimp and Avocado Quesadillas
This is an easy to make quesadilla that’s sooo California! Just cut into small wedges and serve warm.

Chicken Satay
These simple appetizers are perfect for passing. Simple to cook and easy to eat. Serve with Peanut Sauce and Cucumber Salad.

Crab Wontons with Orange-Chipotle Sauce
Like the quesadilla, this is a California recipe and simply wonderful to make. They are great conversation starters and perfect for entertaining. Pass them or serve at the buffet.

Pan Fried Vegetable WonTons with Sesame Dip
The ideal recipe for the Vegetarian in your crowd, these healthy delights are great passed or on the buffet. The dip is a perfect marriage with the wontons.

Crabmeat Guacamole
This Latin-American is sultry, sexy and smooth, and as elegant as a Bob Mackie gown. This dip is great for quick bites. Put it on the coffee table with plenty of tortilla chips.

Onion Puffs
Light, airy and delectable, these are perfect for quick nibbles. Alternatively, you might want to try Cheesy Onion Puffs.

Mini Burgers
Make these with a variety of toppings from fried onions and/or mushrooms to cheese, remoulade or chimichurri, pickle slices or bacon. The options are endless. This recipe makes about 10 burgers, and guests will eat about 3 of these, each, so make enough for your crowd, plus some extras.

Korean BBQ Spareribs are an interesting fingerfood suitable for parties. Serve with plenty of good napkins; they’re sticky.

For dessert:
Oscar Night CakeWe loved the Groom’s Cake, dressed up in a tuxedo. This is a difficult recipe to make if you decide to dress it as we did, but nothing will get you more accolades and applause than this artistic creation. Check our little creation for inspiration.

The beverages:
For cocktails, we liked the Ritz Fizz, a blue champagne fizz that’s certainly unique. In our testing, we made this with a garnish of orange slice; the color combination of blue and orange create allure and appeal.

Since you’ll need champagne for that one, let’s also try Peach Champagne Punch, a luscious and sultry beverage that tickles your nose and your fancy!

For the kids and tea-totallers, let’s try a Brooke Shields (yes, she has a beverage named for her).

Whether you like Westerns or not, you’ll adore Cowboy Punch.

See you at the Oscars!

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