Vincent Tropepe is a well-respected, frequently sought chef and consultant, with incredible resources in the New York City restaurant trade. He’s written a book entitled In My Whites: A Matter of Culinary Perspective, an interesting compilation of favorite home-cooking recipes and autobiographical text.

His recipes, written from the heart, make delectable meals with a flair for comfort and style. Most prized in this interesting tome, is priceless. He regales his youth and his discovery of culinary talent through stories with alluring detail and personal transparency, admitting, throughout, that he’s gay, and how that has impacted his life, and career.

In My Whites is a fascinating look at the life of a chef, paired so well with recipes that bring forth his Brooklyn roots, Italian heritage and the melting pot of cultures that make up New York City. It is highly recommended for all cooks and future chefs. Get your of In My Whites: A Matter of Culinary Perspective!

Chef Tropepe has also developed a line of customized footwear, not just for chefs, but for anyone. Stylish, fun, and incredibly comfortable, the line is called Chef Steps USA. The shoes incredible, made in Italy and sport delicious colors!

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