The quality of a carry-on bag can make all the difference in one’s confidence when flying. It’s not about social status, but that the quality of your luggage assures you that your bags will not cause you trouble. Hartmann Luggage has given me that confidence.

For years I’ve used carry on luggage that was, to say the least, awful. I would be embarrassed by the cheap quality and the occasional busted zipper. One incident had me collecting my boxer shorts in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport when the main zipper of my luggage just popped open, splitting at the seams because I tend to overpack.

Several generations of upgrades always left me dissatisfied. Recently, on a driving trip to North Carolina, I had a hard-side American Tourister 2 suiter (not carry-on) and a Delsey Duffle. The former was removed from my car and placed on the pavement in a sloped parking lot while I removed the duffle. As my attention was diverted, the 2 suiter began a race downhill. Being overweight, it wasn’t easy trying to catch up with the rather mobile suitcase. I can only imagine what this must have looked like from the hotel’s windows. Surely, something akin to an episode of Fawlty Towers.

My Delsey Duffle, not a cheap piece, started to fall apart quickly. The stitching opened up on the handles, then on the flap, and finally, along the zipper.

Hartmann Carry OnIn desperation, I decided to try high quality, to see how good good can be. One piece I opted to try was the Hartmann 20″ Expandable Mobile Traveler, in Walnut Tweed, of course, with belting leather straps and piping. This bag was great. I felt thoroughly confident with its construction, the quality of the stitching and the superb construction. Inside, a very high quality set of fittings and fixtures made this a perfect choice. From a shoe-bag to a garment bag with universal hangers that can easily go from case to closet. The canvas accessories case was spacious enough to carry essentials safely and securely. The interior lined in nylon was lacking those annoying pockets sewn into the sides or hooked in that so many other bags I’ve owned have burdened me with.

This bag gave me room to put my contents in as I pleased, allowing me the flexibility to pack as insanely as I usually do. A special zipper ran the length and breadth of the case giving me extra room, so I could overpack with comfort. The engineering was brilliant. Wheels that don’t move without instruction, a strong, yet light leather-handled extension allowed me to hold on comfortably while wheeling the case through airports.

Though it’s a bit pricey at $525, this case is well worth the investment. It is the kind of quality that will last and in economic terms, it will save you from spending $100 over and over again on cheaper luggage that must be replaced often.

Sometimes though, I don’t need a 20″ case, especially for those short, one-night trips. Hartmann had a solution for that too.

Hartmann Belting Leather ValiseThe Belting Leather Valise is a perfect carry-on bag and ideal for that one-night stay. Spacious, well made, sturdy and surprisingly light for a belting leather piece, this valise has everything one might need to take a short trip or as an extra bag for a longer stay. Deep interior side pockets are fully zippered on the long sides and open on the short, giving you four pockets inside.

The leather shoulder strap has a very comfortable leather shoulder pad and the bag has high quality, solid brass fittings for the strap and tubular leather handles. All the stitchery is sturdy and of high quality. You’ll never worry that this item will fall apart, even when your grand-kids are using it. This is an investment for generations of use, and though priced at $655, you’ll easily get many years value from it.

I particularly liked the belting leather luggage tags for each of these bags. They’re classic. Both bags were of such quality and such superb construction that my confidence in using them was and remains extremely high. I know that I will never have to worry about these bags falling apart, but even if there’s something that does go wrong, Hartmann’s guaranty and superb customer service will take care of any issues.

Like their luggage, Hartmann is all about quality. When using this luggage, you’ll feel confident, secure and proud, particularly when you see that your luggage is so much better than the rest of the luggage on that carousel at the airport or in the overhead bin on your plane. I didn’t even mind taking a seat in the back of the plane carrying my valise. It gave me a chance to show off the quality of my luggage. Hartmann’s quality is good for one’s ego too.

Hartmann’s 20″ Expandable Mobile Traveler

  • Virtually indestructable nylon tweed fabric with Belting Leather trim
  • Expands 2″ for additional packing space
  • Aluminum telescoping handle with push-button locking system; extremely durable in-line
  • 2 exterior zip pockets
  • Removable garment sleeve with hanger, zip pouch, combination padlock and custom Belting Leather luggage tag included
  • Dimensions: 9″(D) x 14″(L) x 20″(H) 11″(D) X 14″(L) 20″(H) exp
  • Cubic Inch Capacity: 2520 cu. in./3080 cu. in. (exp)
  • Style # 3080

Hartmann’s Belting Leather Valise

  • Ultra-durable Belting Leather
  • Wide opening to roomy main compartment with 2 interior zip pockets and 2 slash pockets, as well as 2 exterior slash pockets
  • Comfortable tubular leather handles
  • Zip pouch, removable, adjustable leather shoulder strap with non-slip pad and custom Belting Leather luggage tag included
  • Dimensions: 9″(D) x 18″(L) x 12″(H)
  • Cubic Inch Capacity: 1944 cu. in.
  • Style # 1030

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Product photos courtesy of HartmannTM, Inc.

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