Dear friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this entry.

It would seem that through our Google Ads you can see advertising that explains the loss of many pounds off a few pictured women. These ads are false and misleading. DO NOT CLICK THEM.

Yes, this means we earn no money from the ads, but money is not a consideration where the safety and security of our readers is at stake.

Almost all the ads appear with the same photos or with the same types of claims. In fact, they bring you to a handful of almost identical sites that purport to sell dietary supplments and instestinal cleansing products.

Actually, the ads are a scam. We’ve had reports from readers of illegal debit/credit card transactions, phone numbers for the companies that are disconnected, post office boxes closed and other atypical activities for a qualified and legitimate advertiser.

We don’t want the ads anymore than you, and have been working diligently with Google to try and remove them. However, this wiley bunch of scam artists has been bypassing the filter systems and making it impossible. If we remove one URL, they simply replace the URL, often with the exact same ad.

The ads are also misleading. Neither Oprah nor Rachael Ray have endorsed the products, as claimed. Through Google’s ad network, the ads appear on famous news site, and once they do, you’ll see claims of “as seen on CNN”. Truthfully, CNN has never reported about these products. Nor have any other news media outlet.

We’ve since discovered that the video clips posted on their sites have been doctored.

Additionally, they have illegally misrepresented in the Google Ads that some of them are legitimate companies. I’ve personally spoken with those firms and while they’re ‘kosher’, the ads purporting to be theirs don’t even take you to the legitimate site, but to one of their fake blog sites.

If you have had any problems with these ads, we want to know. Use the Contact form on to send us information, including your phone number. I’ll personally contact you about your experience.

We are gathering information to file a lawsuit against all parties involved, and we’re filing Federal actions through the FTC, FBI and US Postal Inspector. On that last note, if you did order their samples through the mail and had a bad experience, please contact your local Postal Inspector’s office immediately and file a formal complaint directly.

We apologize for this, and if not resolved by Google soon, we will be removing the Google ads entirely from our site. This is unfortunate, as there have been many excellent ads that enrich the reader experience.

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