epicurusssince1996On the 17th of October, Epicurus.com celebrated its 13th birthday. The question is whether this makes Epicurus.com one of the senior sites or puts us squarely at the beginning of our online adolescence. We’ll leave that to our readers to judge.

But in our humble opinion, we’re feeling every minute of our age. Respected, admired, often quoted, not to mention hacked, spammed, spoofed and all the other miserable things that happen to websites these days, Epicurus.com has outilved hundreds, if not thousands of our competitors. We’ve been publishing far longer than many of the recipe, food or travel bloggers, providing you, our readers, with great articles and other content, and offering up a delectable array of recipes, with hundreds of carefully tested ones added this year alone.

So please, let us know your opinion. Tell us what you like or dislike about our site. Help us make it better and we’ll commit to you, our continuing presence online for another 13 years or more.

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