Laurie Burrows Grad:  Laurie is one of the founding editors of, joining our team almost immediately after we registered the domain name. We credit Laurie with the suggestion of turning into an online food e-zine. A famed cookbook author with a focus on cooking light and easy meals, Laurie has penned some fabulous pieces for us, particularly reviewing products, restaurants and hotels in her travels with her husband Peter. She is our Editor-in-Chief and highly respected in the field of cookery and travel writing.

Carol Wilson: Carol has been writing for as our British correspondent and editor since 1997 when she joined our new and growing team shortly after the site was founded. She is a food/cookery writer, cookery consultant, a member of the Guild of Food Writers and restaurant inspector. Carol contributes to a wide variety of publications and websites in the UK, Ireland and USA, e.g. The Illustrated London News, Food and Wine, Gastronomica and of course, She has appeared on Swiss/German television discussing British cooking. Always impeccable with her writing, Carol tests recipes for consumer magazines and food companies and also styles food for photography. She is particularly interested in regional recipes and culinary traditions throughout the world and has written various series on traditional cooking for several magazines. An enthusiastic supporter of small traditional food producers, she is a Jury member for the Slow Food Awards.

Dominick LaRuffa Jr.: Dom joins us as our Chief Mixologist and the guy we go to for Happy Hour. Of course, around here, every hour is Happy, but we don’t drink on the job. Dom’s the exception to that rule. Lucky for him, he knows just to sip to taste drinks, so we never find him drunk. His creations are amazing and delicious. We urge you to try them. If you don’t drink alcohol, no worries. Dom publishes a good number of non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Steven Acosta: Steven, joining the team in 1998 as a management and technology consultant, has been a contributor to since 2001. In addition to serving as the Senior Project Manager of The Epicurus Group, he provides creative content as well as travel, food and technology articles for a number of our websites. With a background in hospitality management and his technical expertise, he has a unique prospective on the modern business systems that define the current state of the hospitality industry.

Marcia Stuart: Marcia is a newer member of the Epicurus team, with us only a few years now. However, she’s one of our most prolific writers, offering in-depth articles on a wide variety of subjects. Marcia has a strong interest in food history, food trends and holiday foods. Marcia hides her last name normally to avoid confusion with someone with a similar name.

Kyle Stewart: Kyle is not new to and writes in-depth pieces on diverse subjects. His writings are often most amusing and always informative. A budding young editor, he has a keen interest in food and beverage. Kyle also communicates directly with our readers.

Tom Springer:  An attorney by trade and a foodie by passion, Tom loves to travel and experience new things. He writes about his journeys which are extensive.

Dylan Barnes: Dylan hails from America’s heartland – from dairy country in Wisconsin and now lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles with his long-term companion. Young, vibrant and full of energy, Dylan brings a new style and ‘joie de vivre‘ to our site with planned articles on a diverse range of subjects.

Frank Gerace: Frank says he’s too old to be called a “foodie”. He just enjoys good food and doesn’t need a label. He brings his double assets to Epicurus. 1. His Italian heritage and lifelong exposure to soulful family eating, 2. His longtime residence in Latin America. While he has contributed some Italian content to the blog as Master Chef, his chief contribution will be on all things Latin American, principally the relatively unknown Andean cuisine.  Frank sometimes posts as Ciccio Pancho.

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