With Father’s Day looming, it’s time to focus on getting something personal; something special for dear ol’ Dad.  He deserves something better than that usual tie or box of golf balls.  Give him something unique, interesting and truly thoughtful this year.  We have a couple of excellent recommendations for you.

If Dad travels, or likes to look good for business or for Mom, you should give your tech-savvy male parental unit a ShaveTech USB Razor by ShaveTech.

This nifty little device is powered by his laptop or portable lithium charger, and it passes travel security requirements around the world. The best thing is that it delivers a great shave, making it perfect for keeping handy. Small enough to fit in a shirt or jacket pocket, or in Dad’s briefcase, he’ll have it ready to go whenever that five-o-clock shadow is getting the better of him.

Shave Tech USB Razors

Available in sleek black or glossy white, the lightweight USB Razor is a fantastic gift for Dad. So instead of monogrammed golfballs, let him keep his beard in check, even while walking the golf course. This makes a perfect gift for a recent college grad as well, helping him make sure of a clean shave before that all-important job interview.

If you feel like doing something really extra special for Dad this year, give him a blender. Yeah, we know, blenders are the sort of thing you give Mom, but we think the Blendtec Designer Series WildSide blenders are well-suited for Dad. They sport a 1560 watt, 13 amp motor, which makes Mom’s blender seem like a toy. You know how Dad loves gadgets and powerful engines. Well, this baby has it all.

The technical aspects of the Blendtec WildSide blenders will keep Dad buzzing for months. When he finally gets past how great it works, he’ll have at least a few years talking about the great things it makes and does.

Now you’re wondering just what Dad’s going to do with a blender. The answer is simple. He’s going to love it! Perfect for making cocktails, especially ones with crushed ice, super for mixing up an amazing, healthful smoothie, or even making ice cream, the Blendtec WildSide blenders incredibly powerful, fast and well designed. And of course, Mom’s going to love it too, so they’ll share it (yeah, right). Mostly, he’ll enjoy that it’s a powerful, motor driven gadget! And you know guys with gadgets.

Blendtec DesignerSeries Blender

Dad will make things. For example, a scoop full of ice, a banana, some fresh strawberries, blueberries, and sliced mango with a little milk produces a fantastic, healthful smoothie in just 6 seconds. Some Simply Brand Lemonade and Orange Juice, paired with some lemon sorbet and ice, and suddenly you have a Citrus Slushy; a cooling and refreshing drink. Add some liquor or liqueur to that and he’s made an amazing drink.

The Blendtec DesignerSeries blenders make soups, drinks, smoothies and so much more. Their unique heavy plastic containers have the processor blades built right in, making cleanup a breeze (Dad will love that, but Mom will appreciate it). Dad will love that it can even make juice!

Blentec DesignerSeries Blenders colors

Available in designer colors, these superb blenders are incredibly durable and strong. Mom’s old blender would burn out in seconds if it tried to do half what this amazing appliance can achieve in the same time. Hint: pick a color that’s neutral enough for Dad (but goes well with Mom’s kitchen).

The Blendtec blender comes with a well crafted cookbook, and offers comprehensive documentation with instruction on its use, cleaning and care. The non-skid base is so well designed that it becomes a sleek, modern work of art in your kitchen.

Your Dad is going to love this, and Mom is really going to enjoy it! This is the quintessential gift for the Dad who has everything.

Dad loves his computer but today, with all the electrical cords, connectors, and USB cables, clutter is an understatement. Quirky Spacebar POP Monitor Stand and 6-Port USB Hub, White (PSPBP-WH01) may be just the thing to help Dad keep things neat and accessible. With four USB ports right up front, all his external devices can be conveniently charged or plugged in with minimal fuss.

The Space Bar Desk Organizer

Sitting below Dad’s monitor, it provides convenient space to stash away his keyboard and mouse, and a spacious shelf to hold some of his devices or cute desk ornaments (because even Dads enjoy cute things). He will adore this gift and surprisingly, he’ll use it daily – the opposite of those cufflinks you bought him last year which are still in his top right dresser drawer, unused.

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