On occasion, people write to us saying they don’t know how to use Epicurus.com. It’s very rare, but it happens. Most of the time, they are disoriented on visiting our website because they have used other sites with similarly spelled names. This guide will help everyone to understand how to navigate Epicurus.com and will offer a guide to the exceptional content found within.

What’s In A Name?

Those who’ve come to Epicurus.com and found it confusing have previously visited other sites. Two principal sites have similar names. All the other site names that have caused any confusion use words derived from Epicurus, the Greek philosopher, founder of the School of Epicureans, a word much later associated with gourmands. The Epicure is someone who enjoys great food, wine, travel and art, a term directly resulting from Epicurus’ philosophy known as “The Pleasure Principle”.

Epicurus.com is indirectly named for the Greek philosopher. We say “indirectly” because the website is actually the web domain of our parent company, The Epicurus Group, which was named for the philosopher. The company was formed in 1978, long before the creation of the Internet. Epicurus.com was actually formed and went live on October 17, 1996.

One of the other sites uses a created term – literally a new word – backed by a major magazine publishing house well known for upscale food publications. Admittedly, Epicurus.com is not quite as “upscale”. We consider ourselves far more down to earth, publishing great recipes, the majority of which are fully tested, with more thought to people in communities around the world that don’t have access to exotic ingredients or complex techniques often used in “upscale” cookery.

The Front Page

The Front PageFrom the front page, you may navigate your way to all the core sections of Epicurus.com, access search options, conduct a core search, navigate thousands of recipes alphabetically, vote in a poll or take the opportunity to communicate with us directly. Surprisingly, we actually do answer people live. No templated replies can answer your questions, so we make sure that we individually answer your queries, with our Publisher often handling these.

Starting from the top – The logo always links to the front page. No matter where you may be in the site, if you see the logo, click it and you will be taken back to the front page.

The Navigation Bar – Starting with Home, this horizontal menu should bring you to the principal sections of Epicurus.com.

Food – our Food Section provides access to everything about food, from recipes to ingredient guides, measuring tools, terms, and a wide range of resources for home cooks and professionals.

Reference Guides – helps you quickly navigate to a wide range of resources, and information about food, cooking, beverages, measurements, barware, glassware and other reference materials.

Recipes – access a huge database of superb recipes, in addition to other great cooking resources.

Beverages – takes you to everything about making something to drink, whether alcoholic or not, plus resource materials and plenty of great information.

Liqueurs – a guide to liqueur making, with links to related shopping, and more than 140 liqueur recipes (more on the way).

Cocktails – links to related shopping, reference tools, guides, measurements and more than 3400 beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Glossaries – With more than 14,000 definitions, in a dozen different glossaries, this is one of the largest food and beverage related glossary collections online.

Blog – This is where our feature articles are maintained. You’re there now if you’re reading this Guide.

Shop – In association with Amazon.com, we offer a wide variety of products from Apparel to Wireless. A link within the front page will bring British visitors directly to a shopping guide for UK customers.

Moving down the page we come to the Slideshow, usually seven images and links to bring you to featured recipes or categories of recipes. To the right of this, a quick subscription form to sign up for our superb, once-monthly free newsletter. We’re not magazine publishers, so you will not be subscribing for print publications and we never buy, sell or trade our mailing lists. Your email address is safe and secure. The newsletters have no advertising and users may unsubscribe at anytime.

To the right of the newsletter form, Today’s Date and Greeting, followed below by a link to our Shopping sections. Below that and also below the subscription form, are advertisements.

Below the Slideshow, our featured Recipe of the Day, with a clickable photo, title, descriptive blurb and text link to take you directly to that selection.

To the right of the featured Recipe of the Day, you’ll see a red box with a search field, titled “Search Epicurus.com”. The search field is provided by Google and is generally intended to search all of Epicurus.com. However, it also has special features. If, for example you searched for “Asparagus”, it might provide results you didn’t want. To get recipes with Asparagus, you should consider clicking “Food Recipes” at the top of the search results. This narrows down the search results to those within our recipes section only.

Alternatively, back on the front page, in the red search box, you’ll see below the Google search field “special searches: recipes | beverages | blog”. By clicking on “recipes” there, you will be taken to a search page that will look specifically through our food recipes only, producing a wide range of results that have asparagus. Still, this could be pretty broad in scope.

There are ways to narrow down your search. First, on the search results, you’ll see a beige box on the top, right corner and will see “Categories”. There you can pick “Vegetables” and select “Asparagus” from the dozens of options. This will bring you to all recipes we have that have Asparagus as a category. Note: Not all recipes containing asparagus will be listed. If it is a very minor ingredient, it may not be there.

Still not working for you? You know the name of the recipe, or at least part of it? Scroll down the page until you see an alphabet headed by “Recipes A to Z”. Click on “A” and either browse the alphabetical titles or scroll down that page to the search which exclusively looks at recipe titles (not ingredients, instructions or comments as do other searches).

By now, you should have found your recipe.

Back to the Front Page (click the logo or “HOME”) at the top of the page.

Below the red search box, you’ll see our featured “CATEGORY OF THE MONTH” section, with a small image. The name and description of the category is below the heading, along with a link. This link and the image will bring you to all the recipes in that category.

Below this is “From the EGO”. EGO is the acronym for “Epicurus on the GO”, the official title of our blog. The featured image is usually the most recent travel article we have published.

On the left of that, you’ll see our “News” section, with the most recent 3 articles in this blog listed, and a blue outlined box indicating Laurie Burrows Grad (or another editor) and their most recent travel or special article. Below it is a permanent link to an article about our food philosophy, after all, Epicurus was a philosopher.

Before we leave the News block, you’ll see “Latest on EGO:” with links to the last 4 articles posted.

Just below that you’ll see the alphabet links to find our recipes alphabetically, as described above.

To the right, a photo and link to the featured “Category of the Month”.

Just below “Recipes A to Z” and its alphabetic links, you’ll see “Site Resources”, with individual groupings of quick links that take you directly to many of the places that our section pages will take you. These can be very handy. While they’re rather low on the page, a quick scroll down will give you much faster access.

On the right of the quick links, you will see a “Quick Poll”. We do home you’ll express your opinion. This script does not set a cookie on your computer and is completely safe.

Just below, you will find “Cooking Tips”, with individual snippets of information for cooks that changes with each page refresh.

Under that, you’ll see our “Marketplace”. These are companies and services we believe in, wholeheartedly. Even if a company advertises, this section is reserved for those companies in which we have specific trust and confidence.

Down Below

You’ll see two distinct grey backgrounded areas. One, the top of the two, has six images with links and descriptions for the key sections of Epicurus.com. If you’re down at the bottom of our index, these are quick links to the section pages.

Finally, below, you will see all the typical legal stuff, and links to Contact Us, our Advertising section, Newsletter Subscriptions, a Site Map and the official “About Us” page. The first two links in that line are most important.

Please take a few moments to read about our Privacy Policies and Terms of Service. These are important.

We will update this posting, from time to time as needed.

Hopefully, you will fully enjoy our site as millions of others have since 1996.

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