Move over Root Beer, your strangle-hold on the Float is over.  The Yuppie Float is here, pairing two favorites of that young urban crowd.  Simple, delightful and upmarket!

On a trip to Montreal from New York one summer’s day in ’85, this beverage was created. Enjoying some Haagen-Daz Vanilla ice cream and a bottle of chilled Perrier sparking water, it became evident that the day’s heat was melting the ice cream too fast. The solution was to scoop the ice cream into glasses and pour the Perrier over it, creating The Yuppie Float.

Why the name? Well, the mid 1980’s was the era of the Yuppie – Young, Urban Professionals who enjoyed the best of urban life, including premium ice cream and expensive bottled water – Perrier. The pairing was inevitable, and magical.

Okay, so you’re wondering why anyone would want to pour water on ice cream. Well for the same reason in this case, that someone might make an ice cream soda. The intense sweetness of the ice cream was subdued by the sugar-free fizzy water, while the high fat content melting into the drink make it absolutely luscious. Two spoons, two straws and two glasses or mugs and you had a perfect treat.

Yuppie Float
Prep time
Mix time
Total time
Recipe type: Non-Alcoholic Drink
Serves: 2
  • 1 liter bottle Perrier
  • 1 pint container Haagen-Daz or Ben & Jerry's premium Vanilla ice cream.
  1. Allow the ice cream to soften for about 5 to 10 minutes out of the freezer. Scoop in even amounts into two glasses. Include any melted ice cream.
  2. Pour Perrier water over the ice cream. The ice cream, because of its high fat content will float in the water.
  3. Stir gently. Use a spoon to eat the ice cream and a straw to drink the Water.

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