Canadian Wines

Canadian Vineyards

Although the cool climate of Canada is not very suitable for the cultivation of grapes, with the current expansion of American wineries across the border, this country is beginning to produce some very nice wines.

Recently, the creation of rootstocks that can cope with the harsh Canadian winters is causing Canada to become more well known in the world’s wine industry. Vineyards in British Columbia and Ontario are some of the best in today’s Canadian wine industry.

Although wine has been cultivated in the Ontario region since 1811, it was mainly based on the strong Labrusca grapes and dull hybrids. This produced some very good Ports and Sherries, yet it did not make very good table wines.

Canada has also started using a more varied array of grapes in its wine making procedures, using grapes such as Riesling, Chardonnay, and Gamay to boost the local flavours.

The red wines of Canada possess a very pleasant flavour and are especially trendy in the American wine market. Many people feel that Canadian wines will become very good in the near future and that these wines should not be ignored.

The VQA is an organization in Canadian winemaking that ensures that the products are truly from Canadian grapes and of a high quality level. If you see a VQA label on your wine, you know it’s worth a try!

It might be hard to find Canadian wines in your local wine shop, but if you see one, be sure to pick it up!

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