Wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Forget the old saying that “a little learning is a dangerous thing.” When it comes to wine, a little knowledge is all you need. Many wine experts would argue that the more wine knowledge you possess, the more you can appreciate the delicacies and fine nuances of wine, but we’ll leave that up to you.

What are you missing?
If you tend to stick to the tried and tested or confine yourself to the “special offers” bin, or perhaps a certain type of wine, you are missing out on a the wonderful experience of delicious and rewarding flavors. Don’t worry! A few basic guidelines from can help set you off on an exciting wine odyssey!

Be guided by personal preferences. Worldwide winemaking standards are now so high that you’d be extremely unlucky to choose anything undrinkable!

The fundamental concept of enjoying wine for the sake of the enjoyment.
Wine Types
Armed with these general guidelines, you can quickly move on to debunking . . .
Label Jargon
Learn how to extract relevant information from a wine label.
Grape Varieties
The simplest way to guess how a wine will taste is to know more about the grape variety or varieties of the wine.
Ordering Wine
Learn how to negotiate confusing restaurant wine lists with confidence.
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