Rum is one of the oldest and most varied of distilled spirits. It is distilled from the extracted juice of the sugar cane plant, or in some cases the by-product of the refining process known as molasses. Almost all rum is aged in charred oak casks from anything up to and beyond 30 years (although often less than 15), inheriting a golden to dark brown color over time. Rum aged in steel tanks remains colorless.

The Caribbean is host to a variety of the world’s rum products, and is also the origin of rum dating back to the 17th century. Rum products often differ greatly. Puerto Rican Rum for example, is a golden, light-bodied rum aged for at least 3 years, whereas Jamaican Rum is a rich dark rum, naturally fermented for about 3 weeks, distilled twice in pot stills and aged in oak casks for at least five years.

Montserratian Rum, rarely found outside Montserrat is an incredibly flavorful and intensely powerful rum with a high alcoholic content.  It makes an exceptional cocktail.  It’s worth a trip to Montserrat just to try this.

Generally, rum is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof), though some may be much higher. An ounce of rum has 69 calories, but that may vary on the type of rum. Drinks that contain Rum.

Types of Rum

aged rum flavored rum Sagatiba Pura
amber rum gold rum spiced rum
black rum molasses white rum
dark rum overproof rum
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