The Boilermaker is an old classic, making a comeback in the 21st Century, as beer drinkers delight in its simplicity and exceptional pairing of flavors.  It is a very masculine drink, though many women seem to enjoy it, too.
The Boilermaker

The Boilermaker
Many theories exist about the origins of The Boilermaker, but the drink seems to come from pubs in England's Industrial northwest, where ironworkers making boilers for steam engines - hard working men, would enjoy a shot of whiskey in a single gulp, then sip a pint of beer. The name was applied from the focus of their work. The Boilermaker has been enjoyed since at least the mid 1830's and was re-popularized in the 1960's.
Recipe type: Alcoholic Cocktails
Cuisine: English
Serves: 1
  • 1 shot of rye whiskey (you may substitute Bourbon)
  • 1 pint of beer
  1. Fill a shot glass with whiskey.
  2. Fill a pint glass with beer.
  3. Drink the whiskey in one gulp, then sip the beer.
There are a number of ways to drink The Boilermaker:

Traditionally, the liquor is drunk in a single gulp and is then "chased" by the beer, which is sipped.

The liquor and beer may be mixed by pouring or dropping the shot into the beer. The mixture may be stirred, if desired. If the full shot glass is dropped into the beer glass, the drink is known as a Depth Charge.

The liquor may be poured directly into an open beer bottle or can, after removing some of the beer.


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