Your guide to glasses used for drinks of all sorts. A crafty reference tool for learning mixology basics at home.

Whiskey Shot Highball Old Fashioned Glass
Shot Glass Highball Glass Old-Fashioned Glass
Collins Martini Margarita Glass
Collins Glass Martini (cocktail) Glass Margarita Glass
Pilsner Irish coffee mug Pousse Cafe
Pilsner Glass Irish Coffee Glass Pousse Glass
Brandy snifter Punch cup Beer Mug
Brandy Snifter Punch Cup Beer Mug
Cordial White wine glass Red wine glass
Cordial Glass White Wine Red Wine
Sherry glass Champagne flute Sour glass
Sherry Glass Champagne Glass Sour Glass
Parfait glass Cyclone or Hurricane glass Pina Colada
Parfait Glass Cyclone Glass Colada Glass
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