Tomato/Orange Roses
Author: Chief Mixologist
  • Firm, ripe tomato or orange
  • Tiny fresh mint leaves (optional)
  1. For tomato rose, cut very thin slice from bottom of tomato with paring knife; discard slice.
  2. Starting at top of tomato, peel tomato with knife by cutting continuous narrow strip of peel in spiral fashion horizontally around entire tomato, usi
A delicate tomato rose is just the thing for adding some spark to a simple bowl of cottage cheese. As a party centerpiece, create a nosegay of several orange roses. Arrange them in a pretty shallow bowl with orange or lemon leaves. Is fettucine Alfredo your idea of culinary bliss? Make it a notch better by adding a tomato rose. When serving a large whole fish, add a little color to the platter with orange roses.
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