Fish House Punch
Author: Chief Mixologist
  • 2 Jamaican Rum
  • 1 Brandy
  • 15 centiliters peach Brandy
  • 3 water
  • 500.00 g brown sugar
  • 18 lemons, rind grated, juice
  • ice
  1. This recipe is an old one in the Taylor Family of Norfolk, Virginia.
  2. By using 1.5 kg of brown sugar, this punch may be prepared for bottling and will improve with age.
  3. To serve immediately, some add 1 litre of pineapple juice instead of 1 litre of water.
  4. Make a syrup with the water and brown sugar and pour it hot over the rind and strained juice of the lemons.
  5. Cool.
  6. Add the rum and brandy and dash well with peach brandy to make it mellow and extra fine.
  7. Serve in a bowl of crushed ice.
The Williamsburg Art Of Cookery by Helen Bullock and published in 1938.
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